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A bit about me (background)

Student of physics at Charles University in Prague.

Apart from that, I have some experience with IT (specifically TCP/IP networking, DNS, computer security, FreeBSD and other unices), typography, image processing.

As I have almost no contributions to articles of my direct study / professional interest, this may be probably useful only if someone needs uninvolved 3rd opinion

Wikipedia en:

English is not my mother tongue, and to make things worse I frequently make typos, so I'm glad when people look after my contributions and improve my grammar and spelling. Thank you.

Articles I like editing (without particluar order)

sundials, Prague Astronomical Clock, Prague, Tea

Inclusionism vs. deletionism - I'm a supporter of uncreationism.

Other Wikimedia projects

see my meta: page


Textual contributions multilicensed under CC-By-Sa any version and right to relicense granted to Wikimedia.

If you want to say something to me, please use my talk page. Thank you. Comments from this page will by moved to talk or deleted.