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Welcome to my user page.

Feel free to leave me a message.


Please see my gallery of mathematical illustrations (careful: many of the images there are quite large GIFs; I would like to know about any bot that can compress those GIFs properly). Feel free to share your ideas for new illustrations on my talk page.

To do list

Here are some of the images I'm currently considering improving. Give me a shout if you can think of any others, or have other ideas for images.

Hairy ball.png Hairy doughnut.png

Also need to make Dynkin diagrams with labels in the finite (not affine) case, and in the affine but non-simply-laced case.


Mathematical Illustrator's Barnstar.png Mathematical Illustrator's Barnstar
For your many beautiful and educational mathematical illustrations and animations, I hereby award you the Mathematical Illustrator's Barnstar. -- JovanCormac


This Week's Finds 285 by John Baez - mentions my plot of polynomial roots, exhibiting unexpected fractal properties.

The above picture on Microsoft's Seadragon, a convenient way of visualising large images online.

DeviantART user page

Polynomial roots on Github, a Haskell program to visualise sets of polynomial roots and corresponding iterated function systems (ongoing project).

Math Overflow