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My primary interest on Wikipedia is early music. I have a bachelor's in performance, which means that I come to it with a certain point of view and some biases which stem from conservatory training. If you don't feel like believing me that I have a BM, feel free, I won't particularly mind. For recordings I've done for Wikipedia, see my Commons userpage. These are intended as examples, not exemplars. If you can replace them with a better free recording, do so!

I'm an administrator on the English Wikipedia and on Commons. This means I have an extra set of buttons letting me delete things which violate policy, block users who habitually violate policy, protect articles and quickly revert vandalism. Generally, administrators are knowledgeable about Wikipedia policies, but they have no extra editorial capacity whatsoever. If you disagree with one of my edits, revert it!

I'm a firm believer in WP:BRD - Bold, Revert, Discuss. I will edit pages boldly as a regular editor, and I would ask that you be bold in reverting me if you disagree, or, even better, continue to edit the page, moving it towards some sort of compromise (I think ocassionally people get lazy, and instead of reverting parts of an edit they disagree with while retaining the parts which are positive, they do a wholesale revert). If I still disagree, I will discuss it, usually on the talk page, because I find that it's easier to keep discussions together on article talk pages, and it can be helpful to future article editors.

If you disagree with an administrative action I've taken, I would also ask you to be bold in reverting. If you're an admin and disagree with a block, feel free to unblock, I won't be offended. I'll check your reason, and if I disagree I'll discuss it with you, without rancor.

This said, I'm now on the meta:OTRS team, which deals with e-mail complaints. If you see me working on an article about a living person who isn't a classical musician, I would ask that you keep in mind that I am most likely doing it because of a complaint, and that we should all edit these articles as carefully as possible. One thing I've learned from OTRS is that these biographies can really hurt people, and I ask that everyone edit these respectfully. Try to think how you would feel if the statements were being made about your sister or father. Be sure to source things to reliable sources, and try to create balance if the person has been involved in a controversy. Just because someone has done something wrong, that doesn't mean that everything negative said about them is true. Sometimes things that look like small differences under the big umbrella of "wrongdoing" can make a big difference to the person it's being said about. For more on this, see Wikipedia:Biographies of living people.

Some articles I've created which I think are particularly interesting (for the rest see Articles):

I, EWS23, hereby award Makemi the Barnstar of Diligence for never putting up with spammers, vandals, or trolls. Keep up the good work! 19:24, 8 July 2006 (UTC)

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I am always User:Makemi on projects (luckily it's never taken, which is one reason I never usurped Mak). Some projects I'm occasionally active on are meta:User:Makemi and commons:User:Makemi.


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I hereby award Makemi these neumes for thoughtful and salient contributions to music-related articles on Wikipedia!
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