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Terry Desmond Macfarlane (born 1953) is a botanist and taxonomist, who has worked in both Australia and Peru. [1] A senior research scientist at the Western Australian Herbarium, Macfarlane is associate editor of its journal Nuytsia and currently collaborates with researchers across Australia and in Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Russia, Spain and United Kingdom. He was also involved in the development of FloraBase, the Western Australian flora database. [2]

The standard author abbreviation T.D.Macfarl. is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name. [1]

Names Published

(He has published c. 62species) [3]

Selected publications

  • Macfarlane, T.D. 1984. "Taxonomic clarification of the Lomandra odora group (Xanthorrhoeaceae or Dasypogonaceae)" (PDF). Nuytsia. 5 (1): 13–24.
  • Macfarlane, T.D. 1984. "Lomandra nutans (Xanthorrhoeaceae or Dasypogonaceae), a new species from the Stirling Range area, Western Australia" (PDF). Nuytsia. 5 (1): 171–175.
  • Macfarlane, T.D. 1986. "Two new species of Wurmbea (Colchicaceae or Liliaceae s. lat.) from south-western Australia". Nuytsia. 5 (3): 407–414.
  • Macfarlane, T.D. 1993. "Wurmbea calcicola (Colchicaceae), a new species from Cape Naturaliste, south western Australia" (PDF). Nuytsia. 9 (2): 233–236.
  • Macfarlane, T.D. 1994. "Chamaexeros longicaulis (Dasypogonaceae), a new species from Walpole, south western Australia, with additional notes on Chamaexeros" (PDF). Nuytsia. 9 (3): 375–382.


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