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TECHNOPOL Latitude and Longitude:

48°6′41.43″N 17°6′39.07″E / 48.1115083°N 17.1108528°E / 48.1115083; 17.1108528 (Technopol)

Technopol is the second tallest building in Petržalka (one of the Bratislava districts) and one of the tallest buildings in Bratislava.

It consists of two buildings 90 m height and is located in the Kutlíkova street, 17, surrounding Chorvátske rameno in front of John Paul II. Square and The Holy family church.

Technopol serves as a headquarters of several companies, such as Technopol, a.s. and also Petržalka self-government office.


The building was constructed in 1984 and serves predominantly for office spaces.


In south front of the building there is a small park and the central square in the middle of which there is a so-called singing fountain. The fountain is in operation in certain days and has special light effects and a music accompaniment.