Sri Sulalai

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Sri Sulalai
Princess Mother of Siam
Nonthaburi, Siam
Died1837 (aged 66–67)
Bangkok, Siam
Spouse Phutthaloetla Naphalai (Rama II)
Issue Nangklao (Rama III)
Princess Pom
Prince Nu Dam
House Chakri dynasty
FatherLord Nonthaburi Si Maha Utthayan (Bunchan)
Religion Buddhism (previously Islam)

Sri Sulalai ( Thai: ศรีสุลาลัย; RTGSSi Sulalai; 1770–1837), née Riam ( Thai: เรียม), was the wife of Phra Phutthaloetla Naphalai, Rama II of Siam and was the mother of Nangklao, Rama III.

Her family was Muslim from the Southern part of the Kingdom. She married Prince Isarasundhorn as the second concubine and gave birth to Prince Thap (later Prince Chetsadabodin) in 1787.

In 1809, Prince Isarasundhorn was crowned as King Buddha Loetla Nabhalai. Chao Chom Manda Riam then moved to the Royal Grand Palace and presided over the royal kitchen. Prince Jessadabodindra was trusted by the king to handle various state affairs. In 1824, King Buddha Loetla Nabhalai died. According to the tradition, the throne would go to Prince Mongkut, the son of Queen Sri Suriyendra. However, the nobility instead enthroned Prince Jessadabodindra because he had served the king in Kromma Tha (Ministry of Trade and Foreign Affairs) for years and was proved to be competent to rule.

As her son was crowned, Noble consort Riam was raised to Princess Mother Sri Sulalai, thus a member of the royalty. She died in 1837.