Science and technology in Angola

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Security considerations and a severe shortage of skilled personnel have limited Angola’s development of its extensive mineral reserves and abundant fertile land. Angola’s research institutes include the Cotton Scientific Research Center in Catete, the Agronomic Research Institute in Huambo (founded in 1962), the Institute for Veterinary Research in Lubango (founded in 1965), the Angola Medical Research Institute in Luanda (Founded in 1955), and the Angolan Directorate of Geological and Mining Services in Luanda (founded in 1914). The University Agostinho Neto (founded in 1963) has faculties of sciences, agriculture, medicine, and engineering, and the National Center of Scientific Investigation.

In 1987–97, science and engineering students accounted for 24% of college and university enrolments. The National Museum of Natural History and the National Anthropology Museum are located in Luanda.