Kadisha River

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Kadisha River
Abou Ali.jpg
The river at its upper reaches
Country Lebanon
Physical characteristics
 • location Qurnat as Sawda', Lebanon
 • location
Mediterranean Sea
 • coordinates
34°27′28″N 35°50′29″E / 34.4579°N 35.8415°E / 34.4579; 35.8415
KADISHA RIVER Latitude and Longitude:

34°27′28″N 35°50′29″E / 34.4579°N 35.8415°E / 34.4579; 35.8415
Length45 kilometres (28 mi)

The Kadisha River or Nahr Abu Ali is a river in Lebanon. It runs 45 kilometres (28 mi) east to west from the Kadisha grotto, halfway between Bsharri and the Cedars of God, to the Mediterranean Sea at Tripoli. The river runs along the Kadisha Valley, carving out deep gorges.

On its passage through Tripoli, it is walled and partially covered. The river is very polluted. [1]

The walled Nahr Abu Ali at Tripoli


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