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John Steiner
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Steiner in Waves of Lust (1975)
Born7 January 1941 (1941-01-07) (age 80)
Estate agent
Years active1965-1991 (as actor)

John Steiner (born 7 January 1941 in Chester, Cheshire) is an English actor. Tall, thin and gaunt, Steiner attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, worked for a few years at the BBC and later appeared mostly in Italian films.


Steiner found work primarily in films including Marat/Sade (1967), and the original Bedazzled (1967) with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. [1] In 1969, Steiner was hired to play a part in the Spaghetti Western Tepepa, and also appeared opposite Franco Nero in White Fang, directed by Lucio Fulci. In 1971 he starred in the television series Hine. [2] In 1979 he featured in the leading role of Leo in a television production of Design for Living by Noël Coward. [3] He found himself in demand in Italy and moved there, appearing in a great number of Italian exploitation and B-films including police actioners ( Violent Rome), westerns ( Mannaja), war films ( The Last Hunter), nazisploitation ( Deported Women of the SS Special Section), sci-fi adventure films ( Yor, the Hunter from the Future), and horror films, such as Mario Bava's Shock, Dario Argento's Tenebrae, and Ruggero Deodato's Body Count. He also became a favourite of famed Italian filmmaker Tinto Brass, featuring in Salon Kitty, the infamous Caligula, Action, and Paprika. [4] Steiner was in very steady demand until the late 1980s. As the Italian film industry dwindled, Steiner retired from acting in 1991 and moved to California, where he became a real estate agent.

Steiner has recently contributed to DVD extras on some of his films and given interviews about his Italian work.

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