Four Pieces for String Quartet (Mendelssohn)

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Felix Mendelssohn wrote four pieces for string quartet that were published together as his “Opus 81” after his death. They have at times wrongly been presented as a single work, even as his “String Quartet No. 7”:

  • Tema con variazioni (Andante sostenuto) in E Major, Op. 81/1, written in 1847;
  • Scherzo (Allegro leggiero) in A Minor, Op. 81/2, also from 1847;
  • Capriccio (Andante con moto) in E Minor, Op. 81/3, from 1843; and the earlier
  • Fugue (A tempo ordinario) in E-flat Major, Op. 81/4, written in 1827.

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