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Ernst Friedrich Germar

Ernst Friedrich Germar (3 November 1786 – 8 July 1853) was a German professor and director of the Mineralogical Museum at Halle. As well as being a mineralogist he was interested in entomology and particularly in the Coleoptera and Hemiptera. He monographed the heteropteran family Scutelleridae.

In 1845, he was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Published works

Amongst Germar's publications are:

  • Species Cicadarium enumeratae et sub genera distributae. Thon's Entomologisches Archiv. (2)2: 37–57, pl. 1 (1830).
  • Observations sur plusieurs espèces du genre Cicada, Latr. Rev. Entomol. Silbermann 2: 49–82, pls. 19-26 (1834).
  • Ueber die Elateriden mit häutigen Anhängen der Tarsenglieder. Z. Entomol. (Germar) 1: 193-236 (1839) (1839).
  • Bemerkungen über Elateriden. Z. Entomol. (Breslau) 5: 133-192 (1844).
  • Beiträge zur insektenfauna von Adelaide. Linn. Entomol. 3: 153-247 (1848).
  • Fauna Insectorum Europae. There were 24 fascicles in this work; August Ahrens producing the first two, Germar and Georg Friedrich Kaulfuss the third (1817) and Germar alone the remaining 21. [1]

He was also editor of the entomological journal Zeitschrift für die Entomologie, which was published from 1839 to 1844.


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