NEWS ARCHIVE 04/07/2012

'Killer Tadpole' Nearly Took Boy's Toes

'Killer Tadpole' Nearly Took Toes

'Sorry For Destroying Your House'

A Seriously Wild Ride In The Tunnel Of Love

AFL Star Was Blinded By New Love

Activists Rearrested For Breaching Bail

Aggressive Easter Parents Are Trampling Kids

Aggressive Easter Parents Trample Kids

All Hands On Deck As History Repeats

Alleged Sexual Assault By Cadet 'abhorrent'

Angry Birds Knocked Off Its Perch

Apocalypse Now: Russia Creating Zombie Guns

Art Collector Stymied By Australian Law

Aussie Teens Take On Free Running

Body Of Man Found After Boat Capsizes

Buff Bluey Just Wants New Friends

Catfish Being Sold By The Barra-load

Church Airbrushes Out Leader's $30K Bling

Couples Winds Back Clock At Masters

Dodgy Fishmongers Sell Nile Perch As Barra

Dragons Game Is Our Biggest: Gallen

Drink-drivers Make Easter Roads Unsafe

Enjoy Autumn In Tasmania, Save Up To 30% For 3 Nights In 4 To 5-star Hotels From $150 Per Night

Esther Tells Why She's Sweet On Cat

European Travel Tips And Tricks

Ex-lover Wants $3m Off 'fat Slob'

Female Getaway Driver Held For Robberies

Fish Made Of Gold. GOLD I Tells Ya!

Fishing Boats Flounder On Sandbar

Following The Sun For Holiday Fun

For Sale: 15 Bedrooms, One Killer View

Four Dead, Fears Of New Serial Killer On Loose

Ghost Towns Growing In Rural SA

Grab Fine By Baillieu Government

He's Romantic In Bed And It's Turning Me Off

Hipster, Homeless? Homeless, Hipster?

Hit-run Driver Runs Down Two Cops

Holy Carp! Catfish Sold As Barramundi

How Do I Break Up With My Boyfriend Without Breaking His Heart?

How Much Am I Bid For This Town?

I Slept With My Daughter's Boyfriend. Should I Tell?

I'm Pregnant And He's Sleeping Around. Say Something?

Is It Morally Ok For Me And My Husband To Hire A Call Girl?

It Never Crossed My Mind I'm Different

Jackpot Wannabe 'loses' Wining Ticket

Kevin Bacon Finds His Wife Is His Cousin

LNP Gets Tough On Subbie Cheaters

Man Dies From Injuries After Car Crash

Man Drowns After Falling From Yacht

Man Lost At Sea After Boat Capsizes

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My Daughter's Boyfriend Is Well Hung. Should I Talk To Her About Potential Complications?

NSW Hit With Smuggling Legal Bill

National Easter Road Toll Already At Four

Network Navigation (other Sites)

New Laws Defend Against Bad Builders

No Effort Made To Treat Sick Baby

Olympic Fury Over Rules For TV Sport

Palmer FFA's Unintentional Saviour

Parents Search For Missing Teen

Police Officers Injured In RBT Hit-run

Port Kennedy Shooting 'attempted Murder'

Princess Kate Hit By 'too Beautiful' Curse

Prisoners Serve Jail Terms In Police Cells

Rich Kids Perform Better At School

Sea Lion Gets Stroppy With Freo Kitesurfer

Sex Prank Points To Wider Issue

Shark Victim's Remains Washed Up On Beach

Skydiver Breaks Arm After Landing In Tree

Something About MMMbop Something

Spec Ops: The Line Delves Into A Heart Of Darkness

State Bank To Close Last Account - Itself

Tassie Water Pipe Cited As Costs Winner For SA

Teen Sells Kidney For An IPad, IPhone

Teens Allegedly Threw Rocks At Traffic

Tender Process Pierced By Report

The World's Most Expensive Apartment

Top Ten Beauty Pageant Questions

US Navy Jet Crashes Into Apartments

View More Great Holiday Deals On Wego

We're Now A Nation Of Enviro-sceptics

Well, It's Not Like You've Got A Better Offer...

West Wing Meets Journalism = Hit

What Abbott's Family Taught Him

Why Don't Anglo Women Like Asian Men?

Woman Drowns In The Ovens River

"Scripture Debating" Inspires Vocational Teaching

"Titanic: 100 Year Obsession" Exhibited In Washington D.C.

150 Soldiers Feared Buried In Avalanche In N Pakistan

2012 New York Auto Show Debuts With Flying Car

24 Mln Chinese With Limb Disabilities Need Rehab Services

AU Rejects Rebel Claim Of Independence In Northern Mali

Adriano To Have Surgery On Left Foot

African Union Envoy Meets S. Sudan President

All Crew Members Aboard China-linked Hijacked Cargo Ship Rescued

Alleged Smuggling Kingpin Lai Changxing On Trial

Amid Sluggish U.S. Economy, Bully Bosses Rule The Roost

Argentina Draws 1-1 With Croatia In Davis Cup

Beijingers To Drink Yangtze River Water By 2014

Bloody! African Python Swallows Antelope

Britain To Invest 250 Mln Pounds In Pioneering PBT Cancer Therapy

CERN Particle-collision Experiment Runs At Record Energy Level

Canadian Provincial Official Stresses Quality For International Students

China Becomes Russia's Top Trade Partner In First Two Months Of 2012

China Cracks Down On Irregular Banking Operations

China Extends Economic Assistance To Zimbabwe

China Has Approved Plans To Set Up A Pilot Zone In The Eastern City Of Wenzhou To Regulate Private Financing Activities, The State Council, China's Cabinet, Said Wednesday.

China Publishes Names Of Six Terrorists

Chinese Freighter Hijacked By Pirates Near Gulf

Chinese Leaders Hail Manhunt Achievements

Chinese Leaders Hail Nationwide Manhunt Achievements

Chinese Pingtan Artist: Zhou Hong

Chinese President Attends Nuclear Security Summit, 4th BRICS Summit, Visits Cambodia

Chinese President Hu Jintao Underscored China's Positive Attitude Toward Boosting International Cooperation On The Issue During The Nuclear Security Summit In Seoul.

Christians Mark Easter Week At Colosseum In Rome

DPRK Warns Against Intercepting Its Rocket

Decline Of China's Intellectual Curators

Dollar Gains Amid European Concerns, Upbeat U.S. Job Data

Doubts Cast On Syria' Pledge To Meet UN Pullout Deadline


Fans Want Flamengo To Cut Ronaldinho

Feature: Crisis-discouraged Italians Struggle To Hang On

General View Of London Olympic Park

Google Begins Testing Augmented Reality Glasses

Graceful Beauties On Fashion Magazines

Hand-foot-mouth Disease Kills 16 Vietnamese Kids So Far In 2012

In Style: China Fashion Week Reviews

Int'l Peace Efforts Closely Watched In Syria

Japan Deploys Missile Defenses Ahead Of DPRK Launch

Kuwait To Begin Flights To Baghdad After Two Decades

Light Plane Crash Kills 4 In Central Russia

Mali Junta Signs Power Transfer Deal With ECOWAS

Mali's Junta Signs Deal Of Power Transfer With ECOWAS

Mali's Junta Signs Deal Of Power Transfer With ECOWAS: State TV

NBA Game: Trail Blazers VS Dallas Mavericks

News Analysis: Doubts Cast On Syria' Pledge To Meet UN Pullout Deadline

News Analysis: Latest U.S. Jobs Report Signals Slower Growth On Horizon

News Analysis: Resignation Of Italian Political Leader May Help Monti's Reform Plans

Number Of Visitors Reaches Million In Cuba This Year

Nutriphase Animal Carnival 2012: Dance With Pet Dogs

Obama Says Iran Can Have Civilian Nuclear Program

Obama Signs "JOBS Act" To Support Small Businesses

Obama: Iran Can Have Civilian Nuclear Program

Odd World: Freak, Geek And Quirk

Parade Marking Good Friday Held In London

Peace Talks In Myanmar Make Progress After By-elections

Pesticides May Reduce Pregnancy Length, Birth Weight: Study

Preview Of New York International Auto Show

Prominent Syrian Actor Dies At 73 Of Cancer

Raptors Lose 80-84 To Cavaliers At NBA Game In Toronto

Roscosmos, ESA To Conduct Joint Unmanned Expedition To Mars

Russia Lowers GDP Growth Forecast For 2012

Russia: U.S. Sentence Biased, Politically Motivated

S. Korea Protests Japan's Islets Claim

Smoking Hot Beauties In Hollywood

Sweet Lady Beauty Contest In Russia

Syria: 3 "terrorists" Killed, 97 Prisoners Released

Torch Light Festival Celebrated In Indian Controlled Kashmir

U.S. Consumer Credit Up 4.2 Percent In February

U.S. Jobless Rate Ticks Down In March, Job Gains Decelerate

U.S. Navy F-18 Jet Crashes Near Virginia Beach

U.S. Presidential Election 2012

US Navy Jet Crashes Into Apartments In Virginia Beach

Uruguay Wins Its First Point Over Chile In Davis Cup

Vancouver Holds Two-week Cherry Blossom Festival

Winners Of World Press Photo Contest From 1955-2011 (III)

World Health Day Observed In Nepal Calling For Healthy Aging

Yemeni President Sacks Air Force Chief After Months Of Protests

"After Clouds Comes Clear Weather," Say The Germans. But What About After That? Find Out In The Local's Weather Section.

(Senior) Business Enterprise Consultant - BTS Change

107529 - Senior Specialist Marketing Management

107530 - Specialist Marketing Management

Au Pair Grandmas Are Discovering The World

Aussie Female Seeks Apt May-Aug

Berlin To Get Spectacular New Wall Panorama

Berlin Triathlon/Marathon/Velothon Training

Cool Cafs In Customer Download Dilemma

Customer Support Employee (24-40h)

Debate The News, Ask For Advice, Make Friends - Or Just Let Off Steam.

Dentist Identifies Robber By His Teeth

Designer Of Iconic Porsche 911 Dies

Do Topless Photos Belong Up Front In Newspapers?

Do You Like Home-made Rockn Roll With Your Fries?

Doctors Regain Right To Decide On Suicide Aid

Dolores - Berlin's Best California-style Burritos!

EXPATTAX - German Tax Advice In English Language - Nationwide

Fast And Reliable Translations In Over 35 Languages

Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle: Laying Down Ambitious And Binding Rules For The Euro

Fewer Animal Experiments Thanks To Nanosensors

Financial Services In English: Insurance, Pensions, Investments, Mortgages

German Employers Split Over Campaign To Ban Smoking Breaks

German Research Vessel Begins Antarctic Expedition

German Stuff That's Distracting Us Today.

Going Out In Germany: March 30 - April 1

Grass Hits Back At Anti-Semitism Charge

Hail In Hamburg, Fog In Frankfurt, Baking In Berlin...

How Germans Are Turning To Dumpsters For Dinner

Hundreds Of Job Opportunities For Foreign Professionals In Germany

I Lost My Heart In Kastanienallee

InterRail: It's Not Just For Your Gap Year

Lipstick Lesbians And Other LGBT People In Muinch

Looking For Anyone In Or Near Kempten

Looking For German Retirement Investment Options

Looking For Your Own Blonde Bombshell? Or Is The Strong, Silent Type More Your Style? Find A German Sweetheart Here.

Marine Research In Kiel Is Heading Towards New Shores

Megaupload Boss 'records Music Album'

Merkel's Motor Up For Grabs On Ebay

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More News From Switzerland At

NO DICE - Berlin Football Mag In English

New Law Clears Way For Recognition Of Degrees And Training Earned Abroad

News To Your Desktop Or The Local's Headlines On Your Own Web Site

Online Gambling Sites In Germany

Online Shop For Wide Range Of Authentic Indian Food In Germany/EU

Opening A Kiwi/aussie Themed Pub In Stuttgart

Pied Petrol-pipers Of Hamelin Strike

Pirates Set Sail For National Election Treasure

Public Sector Pay Deal Averts Further Strikes

Reach A Unique Audience Of 500,000 Foreign Professionals

Run A Small Business? Get Connected In Germany

Schrder Calls For Agenda 2030 Reforms

Science - A Powerhouse Of Ideas

Seeking Female Girl Friend To Handle Business, Are You Inter

Should Cops Target Black People For ID Checks?

Should Germany Bring Back The Royal Family?

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Store Detective Jumps On Car To Save Leather Jacket

Swiss Bank bans Advisers From Germany

Swiss Hunt German Tax Men For 'spying'

Tax Dodgers Will Face Higher Charges

Teacher Admits To Sex With 14-year-old Girl

Teacher Sues Pupil For Burst Paper Bag Trauma

The Local's English-language Movie Listings For Germany

To Dive Head Into Some Of The City's Smellier Dumpsters To See What She Could Find.

To Prevent Inbreeding In Zoos. There Is One Small Problem - Sperm Is Not Something Wild Bull Elephants Give Up Willingly.

Translation And Copywriting By Local Experts

Translation And English Writing Services

US Expat Tax Preparation Services For American Owned Companies In Germany

US Expat Tax Preparation Services, Specializing In Americans Living In Germany

Weimar Has The Best International University In Germany

What's On In Germany: April 4 - 11

Whether You Want To Buy, Sell, Hire, Announce Or Promote Something, Here's The Place To Do It - Completely Free Of Charge.

Wows Audience With Routine At The Cottbus Challenger Cup Gymnastic Competition.

You Have The Choice: Browse Thousands Of Jobs In Germany

Your British Financial Adviser In Berlin

COMMENTARY: Bringing The Troublemakers Under Control

COMMENTARY: Centre Party And The Ring Of Silence Around Mari Kiviniemi

Complete Turnaround In Top Companies Listed On Helsinki Stock Exchange

Defence Minister Wallin Tries To Calm Down Furore Surrounding His Apartment Deal

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Helsinki

Foreign Criminal Gangs Have Discovered Helsinki

Fox Setting Up New TV Channel In Finland

Government Approves YLE Tax To Replace Television Fee

Group Dynamics I: Why Kumar Khatri And Other Nepalese Immigrants Have A Higher Employment Rate Than The Native Population

Group Dynamics II: "...prompted A Lively Debate On The Message Boards..."

Helsinki Through The Lens: Photo Gallery

It's Cold In Helsinki - Comparison Of NYC, London, Milan And Helsinki

Katajanokka’s Very Own Hog Lot Museum

Manslaughter Sentences Handed Down In Burning Death Of Sleeping Man

Mobile Shops Are Once Again Gaining Popularity In Finland - And Not Just In Out-of-the-way Places

Moves Afoot To Improve Safety On Public Transport In Helsinki Region

Police Suspect Six Top Figures In Transport Workers Union Of Violating Occupational Safety Regulations

Police Suspect Slot Machine Association Of Lax Vigilance Against Money Laundering

Russian Eurovision Song Contest Contender Features Finno-Ugric Language

SPEAK UP - Learn To Speak Finnish In 3 Minutes

There Are Some Things New Zealand Can Teach Us

You Know You Have Been In Finland Too Long, When...

Audio: The Week In French Sports

Avalanche Buries At Least 100 Pakistani Soldiers

Changing The Constitution To Remain In Power

Exhausted Students Rebel By Burning Textbooks

Far-left Ready To Back Hollande In Run-off

Former Spy Chief Announces Run For Presidency

France 2012: En Route To The Presidency

France’s Military Presence In Afghanistan

French Are The Cleanest In Europe, Study Finds

French Court May Overturn Total Oil Spill Ruling

Fresh Sex Scandal Hits Australian Military

Gaddafi Son Saif Al-Islam Attacked In Detention

Global Powers Dismiss Tuaregs’ Declared Independence

Glossary Of The Mideast Conflict

Kansas Finds Its Mega Millions Winner

Kony 2012 Filmmakers Release Sequel On Web

Malaysia Arrests Scores Over China, Taiwan Scam

Mali Junta Agrees To Transitional Deal To Stave Further Chaos

Moscow Slams US Sentencing Of Russian Arms Dealer

Murders Near Paris Spark Fears Of New Serial Killer

Royal Endorsement Gives Hollande Campaign Boost

Sarajevo Marks 20th Anniversary Of Brutal Conflict

Sarkozy Vows Law To Balance French Budget

Sri Lanka Set England 94 To Win Second Test Cricket

Tuareg Rebels Declare Independence In North Mali

US On Par With France After Isner Victory

Violence Intensifies Ahead Of Syrian Ceasefire

Web Hackers Target Chinese Government Sites

Youths Sentenced To Seven Years For Prophet Caricatures

A Miserable Failure Of The IMF Prescription

An Entrepreneurial Bright Spot In Greece's Dark Economy (theglobeandmail)

An Orthodox Friendship (Economist)

Antikythera Mechanism Goes On Display

Athletics Body Slams 'filthy' Sporting Facilities

Church Sympathetic But Says Suicide Is Never The Answer

Ferry Strike Confirmed For April 10-11

Four Dead In Car-train Collision Tragedy

Greece Has Too Many Farmers (Wall Street Journal)

Greece Prepares For Fresh Wave Of Anti-austerity Protests (Mailonline)

Greece To Complete Anti-migrant Wall 'very Shortly' (EUobserver)

Greece To Present Bank Recapitalization Plan April 10 (NASDAQ)

Greece Urged To Sell ‘Virtual’ Solar Power To Help EU Meet Goals (Bloomberg)

I Am Really Curious (and Worried) About What Could Stop That Free Fall. Other Than ...

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Latest Suicide Shows Greece Is In Desperate Straits – But It Won't Spark A Revolution (The Guardian)

Note Found On Syntagma Suicide Victim

Pensioner, Widow Sue State Over Bond Losses

Piraeus Bank Rejects Reuters Report

Port Town Of Perama Hits Rock Bottom

Power To The People (unless You're A Slave, A Visitor Or (gods Forbid) Female

The Battle To Patch Up Greece’s Tattered Image Abroad

Turkey And Greece In A Gulet: On The Blue Aegean (The Telegraph)

USA Grants Military Aid To Greece: 400 Abrams M1A1 (Keep Talking Greece)

Vigil On Syntagma After Suicide

American Airlines Cancel 296 More Flights

Bus Crashes Into Wall At Kawaiahao Church

Chavez Accuses US Of Trying To Topple Syria Leader

Dollar Falls After March Jobs Report

Facebook Leads To First Meeting Between Father And Daughter

Federal Lawsuit Challenges Hawaii's Voting Maps As Unconstitutional

Fla Gov Signs Law Inspired By Caylee's Death

Future Unclear For WTC Sphere That Survived 9/11

Great American Opportunities Recalls Arena Lamps

HPD Release Sketch Of Attempted Kidnapping Suspect

Hawaii Company Wins Permit For Tuna Farm

Hawaii Man Identified In Creating GSA Video Spoof

Hawaii Public Radio Looks To Set Unusually Short Fundraising This Year

Homeless Advocate Loses Battle With Cancer

ICC Prosecutor: Kony Will Be Arrested In 2012

Kahuku Man Receives $54,000 Water Bill

Kalihi Man Charged With Bankruptcy Fraud

Kansas Mega Millions Winner To Stay Anonymous

Kardashian Dodges Romance Questions

Kitamura Leads 'Bows To Extra Innings Victory

Kodak Proposes Bonuses, Withdraws Benefits Cut

Kosovo PM: Integration Only Option For Serbs

Love Hewitt Apologizes To Levine

Man In Green Van Tries To Lure Child Into Vehicle

Mega Millions Winner Comes Forward

NFL Extends Contract With Ticketmaster

Navy Jet Crash Wipes Out Apartments

Navy Jet Crashes Into Virginia Beach Apartment Building, No Fatalities

Oikos University Students Awaiting Word On Classes

Old Costumes, Free Easter Egg Hunt At Iolani Palace

Oldest Volunteer At Arizona Memorial Retires

Owner Hopeful Of Queen-loving Parrot's Return

Pukalani The Pig Finds New Home

Rail Project Survey Work To Affect City Roads Next Week

Rainbows Snap Five Game Skid, Lady 'Bows Go "deep" Against Aggies

Report: Agents Search Walgreens Stores In Florida

Report: Chinese Boy Sells Kidney For Ipad, Iphone

Report: Russia Deploys S-400s In Kaliningrad

Retired HPD Major Faces More Legal Trouble

Romney Looks For Winning Combo As His Lead Grows- JUAN WILLIAMS: Rubio's Tight Grip On GOP Future

Second Escaped Bird Goes Back To Zoo Cage

Shark Attack Survivor Home From The Hospital

Study Ties Oil, Gas Production To Quakes

Teacher With Teen Lover Arrested For Sex Contact

Teen With Hawaii Ties Voted Out Of American Idol Competition

Toy Truck Gifts With Purchase Recalled

Traffic Accident Kills Man On Big Island

UH Quarterback Arrested For DUI Suspended Indefinitely

UN Secretary General Blasts Syria

UPDATE: State Responds To Facebook Video Posted By Frustrated Motorist

US Consumers Borrow More In February To Buy Cars

Video Of Manoa Student's Track Meet Fall Goes Viral

Vietnamese Man Buys Wyoming Town For $900G

Witherspoon Displays Pregnant Belly

Yemen Leader Purges Army Of Ex-regime Loyalists

'Friends' Murder Civil Engineer, Demand Ransom

'Texts From Hillary' Blog Sparks Online Buzz

1.25 Million People Observing 'Yogathon' Saturday


Amir Anti-corruption Video A Warning To Youngsters In IPL

Apple IPad Faces UK Advertising Scrutiny

Australia Players Pay Deal Imminent

Australia Under-19s 184/3 * V India Under-19s 260/10

Australia Under-19s 27/1 * V India Under-19s 260/10

Australia Under-19s 84/2 * V India Under-19s 260/10

BTG Pactual Prepares For Market Debut

Best Property Deals On India`s No.1 Portal

BlackBerry Maker Loses Two More Senior Executives

Brickwork Assigns 'BWR AA' Rating To SREI Infra`s NCD Issue

China's Banks Lend Nearly 300 Bn Yuan In March

Cisse Brace Takes Newcastle Past Swansea 2-0

Cities May Get Taller As Plan Panel Seeks Higher Floor Space Index

Comedy Films These Days Are Sub-standard: Om Puri

Commission For Protection Of Child Rights Constituted

Crew Of Hijacked Chinese Cargo Ship Rescued

Davis Cup: Spain Cruise Against Austria

Divya Bharti’s Life On Screen

Doing 'shayari' Made Me Nervous: Shahid Kapoor

Early Wickets Cost Us, Rues Harbhajan -

Ex-Intel Employee Pleads Guilty To Theft Charges

First Masters Cut Is The Sweetest For Oosthuizen

Frustrated Donald Hopes Luck With Change At Masters

Funds Hit By JPMorgan's CDX Moves

Galaxy Of Achievers Receive ‘Tamilan' Awards

Gujarat, Delhi Devour 30% Of Ice Cream In Country

Gujarat, Delhi Devour 30% Of Ice-cream In Country

Hackers Finally Break Down Apple's Firewall, Over 6 Lakh Macs Hit

Hackers Finally Break Down Mac Firewall

Heidi Klum Files For Divorce From Seal In LA

How India Can Beat The Oil Crisis

I Am Pained And Hurt: Subhash Ghai

I Donated Sperms In 2004: Ayushman Khurana

IPL 5: All Eyes On Gayle As Bangalore Take On Delhi - NDTV

Indian Cos To Focus On Acquiring Coal, Iron Assets This Yr

Inspiration, Self-help And India On Book Shelves (IANS Books This Week)

It's Rahane-Cooper Show In Jaipur

Jaya Gets Over Radiation Fear, May Visit US Ship

Jayalalithaa Gets Over Radiation Fear, May Visit US Ship

Jewellers Call Off 21 Day Strike On Excise Duty Rollback Assurance From Pranab...

Kids Take Potshots At Saif's Agent Vinod

Lee Westwood Gets His Nose In Front

Luxury Hotels Like Clarkston, Somap Looking To Start Up At Noida Expressway...

Mali’s Coup Leader To Return Power

Man Kills Four Relatives With Sword In Hungary


MandA And PE Deals Face Slowdown

McIlroy Moves, Tiger Fumes As Couples Shines

Milan Turn Focus To League As Juventus Chase

Miles To Go Before MindTree Reaches $1-bn Mark

Mr PM, Don't Expect Spectacular Results From Zardari Meet

NDTV Clarification On Ashirwad Report

Navy Jet Crashes Into U.S. Apartments, Pilots Eject

Nikhil To Rope In Eight Heroines For His Next Film

Obama's Secret Message: Iran Can Have Civilian N-programme

Obama: Women Are Not An Interest Group

PM To Hold One-on-one Talks With Zardari Sans Aides

Parenthood Gives Watson New Look On Masters

Residential Real Estate Market Is Set To Appreciate In 6 Months: JLL

Rights Activists Flay State For Slapping Sedition Charges On Protesters

Robert Pattinson Has Night Out With Lindsay Lohan

Russian Gay Rights Activists Arrested Under New Law


Sarabjit's Sister Hopeful Of Relief From Zardari

Search For Properties On India`s Trusted Portal

Suranjoy, Sumit Win Asian Qualifying Openers

Suzlon Mulls Repower Stake Sale To Repay Debt

Tiger Tantrum Sums Up Woods' Masters Woes

Turkey Warns Over Surge In Syria Refugees

Turkey Warns Over Surge In Syrian Refugees

Twitter Goes To Court To Fight Spammers



US Court Wary Of Apple Request To Block Samsung

US Jobs Recovery Suffers Setback In March

US, Bangladesh To Hold Security Talks

Yamuna Expressway To Become Operational This Month

Cherry-blossom Viewing Party And Farce

Dollar Briefly Drops To 81.31 Yen On Weak U.S. Nonfarm Jobs Growth

Mainichi Daily News Merges Into New Site

National:Ueno Zoo Polar Bear To Be Sent To Hokkaido On Matchmaking Journey

Regional Business Lobby Urges Japan To Join TPP Talks Early

Ueno Zoo Polar Bear To Be Sent To Hokkaido On Matchmaking Journey

Youth Patrol Volunteers On The Rise In Japan




今週の一面:核サミット 不拡散へ課題残し閉幕


新潟・柏崎刈羽原発6号機、定期検査で停止 国内稼働、北海道のみ

核サミット 不拡散へ課題残し閉幕





Absentee Voting For General Elections Begins

Changwon's Public Bikes Lead Green Trend

Cherry Blossom Festival In Changwon Worth The Wait

China Lets N.Korean Teenager Go To Seoul

China To Let N.Koreans In S.Korean Missions Go

Cold Snap Delays Cherry Blossom

Color Code To Inject Character Into Korean Cities

Comedian Cho Hae-ryun Divorces After 14 Years Of Marriage

Diverse Snacks Await At Sinpo Market In Incheon

Drinking More Of A Problem For Adolescent Girls

Fewer Women Of Childbearing Age In Seoul

Foreign Direct Investment Soars In Q1

French Fans Name Big Bang, 2NE1 As Favorite K-Pop Outfits

Japan Readies Missiles For N.Korean Rocket Launch

Jeju Air First No-frills Airline To Ply Vietnam Route

Kangwon Land Casino To Close For Inspection

Kim Jong-un 'Barely Managed At Swiss School'

Korea Gets Poor Grades For Life Satisfaction

Korea Spends More To Help Underdeveloped Countries

Korean Actor Brings Child From Madagascar For Surgery

Korean Kids Approach Maximum Possible Height, Weight

Koreans, Foreigners Disagree What Hinders Communication Here

Laptop Makers Hit Back Against Tablet PCs

Leap Month Delays Weddings, Prompts Digging Up Of Tombs

More Koreans Put Off Marriage Till Their 40s

More Schoolkids In Middle-Aged Body Condition

More Single Women Freeze Their Eggs For Later Pregnancy

Most Engagements Broken Off For Money Reasons

Moviegoers Surpass 10 Million In March, Despite Slow Season

N.Korea Gets Rocket Ready For Launch

N.Korea Has Nothing To Gain From Rocket Launch

New York Motor Show Opens, Hyundai Unveils New Santa Fe SUV

Obama To Introduce TV Showing Of Classic Film

Politicians Shamelessly Ignore National Security

Poor Children Smaller Than Average

Red-Top Tour Guides A Hit With Tourists

Report Predicts Older, Multicultural Korea On Stilts

Romney Shifts Focus To Obama In Race For White House

S.Korea, U.S. Practice Stabilizing N.Korea In Civil War

Samsung, Apple To Clash With New Smartphones Mid-Year

To Reduce The Foul Smell From A Trash Can

Tokyo A Changed City 1 Year After Earthquake

U.S. Fighter Jet Crashes Into Apartment Complex

Why Are Politicians Silent About Foreign Investment?

Why Does Japan Want To Teach Lies To Future Generations?

20 Years Of Memorable Departures (part Two)

A Man Aged In His Late 20s Has Been Killed In A Hunting Incident In A Remote Part Of The Wairarapa.

American Pie Reunion: Movie Review

An Illegal Immigrant Banned From NZ Was Still Receiving A $360 A Week Sickness Benefit.

Anti-Kony Group Releases Follow-up Video

Apology Demand After Borat Anthem Muck-up

Australian Businessman Calls Kiwis 'retarted'

Australian Crash Victim Pronounced Dead, Then Alive

Bench Strength Key To Breakers' Success

Billy Zane Says He Felt "typecast" After He Starred In Titanic.

Body Of Soldier Due Back To New Zealand Today

Book Review: I'm Not Fat, I'm Pregnant

Budget Deficit Keeps Getting Worse

Campese Plays Down Injury Concerns

Cash-strapped Lohan Sells Designer Clothes

Charlie's Angels and Bruce Almighty On TV2 This Weekend!

Check Out American Pie Reunion: Movie Review Here.

Check Out The Pirates! Band Of Misfits: Movie Review Here

Christchurch Airport Is Looking To Establish Its Own Backpacker Accommodation.

Clarke Rearing To Return To Test Cricket

Concern For Missing Dunedin Woman

Conservation Protesters Are calling For The Government To Protect Endangered Dolphins.

Crime Reporter Annika Bengtzon Is Back In Liza Marklund's Latest Novel Vanished. We Take A Look.

Dan Carter's OE: 'Vegas Was Pretty Mad'

Earthquake Rapid Information App Proves Popular

Elbow On Writing For The London Olympics (3:57)

Elderly Driver Crashes Into Wall

Foxconn Workers Surveyed On Work Conditions

France To Free Suspected Islamist Militants

Frankie Valli Not Slowing Down (5:01)

Futuristic Google Goggles In The Works

Gay Nightclub 'embarrassingly Busy'

Get All The MasterChef NZ Recipes

Get Some Hot Cross Buns For Easter Here!

Gory Crucifixion Re-enactments Held In Philippines

Headlines For All News Sections Below...

Is This The New Justin Bieber? (0:47)

Jack Tame: Just Another US Shooting

Keith Quinn: Sevens Sizzling, Super Rugby Dribbling

Kim Kardashian Dating Kanye West

Kiwis Travelling More For Business

Lion Man Returns To Zion Wildlife Park (1:47)

Live Updates: Highlanders V Stormers

Malawi's Leader Dead, Alarm Over Succession

Malawian President Bingu Wa Mutharika Has Died Of A Heart Attack.

Many Finance Companies Still Await Court Trial

Martin Devlin: Feleti Mateo Left With Little Option

MasterChef MasterClass Is Back!

MasterChef New Zealand's Recipe For Love...

McIlroy Surges As Tiger Falters

Minister Sticks By Roading Plan As Petrol Prices Rise

Mock Dolphin Funeral Held Outside PM's Office

Murdoch Hacking Scandal Spreads To Sky News

NZ Boosts Relief Funds For Flood-ravaged Fiji

Niue Attempts To Lure Lady Gaga For All-island Concert

Noah Hickey: Sigmund Must Hound Smeltz

ONE Weather Photogallery 2012: Your Pictures

Opposition Welcomes ACC Saga Inquiry

Paragliding Record Broken By 101-year-old Granny

Peters Calls For Heads To Roll Over Benefit Bungle

Picture Of Princess Diana And Sons Emerges (1:39)

Poll Reveals Support For Cathedral Demolition (2:23)

Prison Falls Below Petricevic's Standards

Pulse Too Strong For Steel In Napier

Qantas Creates Jetstar Hong Kong

Rattled Woods Slips Into Bad Habits

Retail Rebels Thumb Nose At Trading Rules

Retail Rebels Thumb Nose At Trading Rules (2:54)

Rory McIlroy Moved To Within One Shot Of Leaders Fred Couples And Jason Dufner.

Rugby World Cup Blamed For Rise In Cats

SOE Wasted $100m On Gas Hunt, CEO Says

Sarkozy Attempts To Revive Presidential Bid (2:04)

Schoolyard Attack Victim Left A Recluse

Sleeping Travellers Strain Airport Facilities

Snake Slithers Out Of Plane Dashboard Mid-flight

Spurs Go Top In West With 10th Consecutive Win

Sympathy For Investors After Bridgecorp Trio Convicted

Syria Refugees Brave Mines, Machineguns

Teaching Kids Manners The Fun Way (4:28)

The Pirates! Band Of Misfits: Movie Review

The Rise Of White-hot Gadgets (3:45)

The Social Media Firm Is Battling A Wave Of Automated Tweets Harassing Users With Anything From Viagra Ads To Virus-ridden Links.

The United States Is Becoming Familiar With Campus Shootings, Writes Jack Tame.

Thrifty Shoppers Uncover Valuable Treasures. (1:52)

Time For The MasterChef Judges to Dish Up The Goods! 7.30 On TV ONE

Titanic Launches Once Again - This Time In 3D. Get The Review Here.

Titanic's Bad Guy Tells Of Typecasting Curse

Tourists Coming To NZ Warned About Theft

Tourists To Pay Stewart Island Levy

Trailer Loads Of Rena Debris Cleared From Beaches

Tributes Are Flowing For Sir Peter Tapsell, The First Maori Speaker Of The House, Who Died In His Sleep On Thursday Night.

Tributes Flow For Sir Peter Tapsell

Try Out For New Zealand's Got Talent Here!

Twenty-two Shops were Found To Be Open By Labour Department Inspectors Yesterday.

Twitter Fights Spammers In Court

US Navy Jet Crashes Into Buildings, Three Unaccounted For

Up To Four Trailer Loads Of Rena Debris Have Been Cleared From A Coromandel Beach.

VIDEO: Get Help From The Baby Whisperer

VIDEO: Simple Dinner Party Ideas

VIDEO: Warbirds Over Wanaka Highlights (0:52)

Watch Spectacular Aerial Displays From Practice Day At Warbirds Over Wanaka.

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Win A Copy Of The Junkosaur - A Bottle Top Bill Book!

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Winner Of $800m Lottery Comes Forward

250m Skyscraper In Flames: Europe's Tallest-to-be Tower Burns In Moscow (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

300 Protesters In Benghazi Demand Militia Groups Lay Down Weapons

5-times Size Of Earth: Giant Solar Tornado Caught In Rare NASA Tape (VIDEO)

AK47 Maker Bites The Bankruptcy Bullet

Anonymous Attacks China, Govt Websites Hacked

Avalanche Kills 150 Pakistani Soldiers

Bottoms Up! Depardieu Becomes Crimean Vigneron

Britannica Sales Skyrocket On Paper Edition Halt

Capital Punishment: Moscow To Be Banished To Siberia?

Celebration Party For New Parties

DHS Won't Explain Its Order Of 450 Million Hollow Point Bullets

Did Russia's Sexy Spy, Anna Chapman, Seduce An Obama Official?

Even Worse Than SOPA: New CISPA Cybersecurity Bill Will Censor The Web

Flying Car Unveiled: Impressive, Possibly Impractical (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Global Collapse: MIT Researchers Predict The End Of The World As We Know It

Junta Backpedals As Tuaregs Declare Independence From Mali

Let The Punishment Fit The Crime

Market Slump Sees World’s Richest Biggest Losers

Maslenitsa Festivities In The Gorky Park

Miraculous Survival: Drivers Escape As Trucks Tumble Off 60 Meters Cliff (VIDEO)

Missile Defense: Moscow Ready To Answer Questions And Threats

Moscow Market Inferno Kills 17 Migrant Workers (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Moscow Picks New Envoy To NATO – Report

Mubarak’s Confidant To Run For President

Nerves Of Steel: Daredevil Climber Conquers Stalin Skyscrapers (AMAZING VIDEO)

Obama Under Fire For 'socialism'

Ovechkin, Semin Help Washington Grab Last Ticket To Stanley Cup Eastern Playoffs

PAO To Play CSKA In Euroleague Semis

Pensioner Shoots Himself At Greek Parliament, Refuses To 'search For Food In Garbage' (PHOTOS)

Pentagon Eyes 'human Like' Handyman Robots: But Why?

Plutonium To Pluto: Russian Nuclear Space Travel Breakthrough

RT Politics Exclusive Interviews

RT’s Apology To Taser International - The Killer Of 500 Americans, According To Amnesty International

Ready For V-Day: Red Army Rehearse Parade

Revealed: Recent Quakes In US 'almost Certainly Man-made'

Romney Will Pick Huckabee As VP

Romneycare For US-Russia Relations

Round Run For President Karimov’s Daughter

Russian Election 2012 In Pictures

Russian Tycoons To Clash In London Court

Scheng-end? Germany Wants Border Control In Free Travel Zone

Spartak Moscow Claim Futsal Intercontinental Cup

Teen Sells Kidney To Buy Gadgets, Five Face Charges

Two People Fall Foul Of Fresh Russian Anti-gay Law

UN Chief Criticizes Syria Over Civilian Deaths

Ultimate 'zombie' Mind Control: Myths And Facts About Weapons Of The Future

Unlike: Marine 'to Be Dismissed' In Shame For Criticizing Obama On Facebook

Violent Storm Kills Four, Injures Hundreds In Japan (VIDEO)

War Witness – WWII Victory Tribute

What’s The Problem With The US Ambassador?

‘Flying Japanese’: US Destroys Tsunami ‘ghost Ship’ With Cannon Fire (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

‘Not A Country’: ICC Blocks Palestine War Crimes Probe

Aid Agencies Sound Alarm Over Mali Chaos

Aid Agency Suspends Operations In Northern Mali

Besieged Economy Sends Out Mixed Signals

Cern Scientists Break Energy Level Record

Chevron And Transocean Face Brazil Lawsuits

Church Looks To A Future With Fewer Priests

Cities See Strong Population Growth

Dick Marty To Testify In Organ-trafficking Case

Germany Denies Strained Swiss Relations

Highly Resistant Antibiotic Micropollutants Are Accumulating In The Sediment Of Lake Geneva Despite Wastewater Treatment, New Research Has Revealed.

Lake Geneva Study Exposes Micropollutant Risks

Lifting Sanctions Seen As Key To Myanmar Reform

No Let-up In US Fight Against Tax Evasion

Not All Catholic Priests Are Barring Divorcees From The Eucharist.

Political Party Funding Still A Taboo Topic

Suspended Financial Penalties To Be Abolished

Swiss Aid Continues Under Kim Jong-un Regime

Swiss Have Rights – And Obligations – Abroad

Swiss Hope Tax Deal With Germany Sets Example

Swiss Make Four-year Commitment To Demining

Switzerland Extradites Czech Fugitive

Switzerland Rated Among Best-networked Nations

The Swiss Eat 700 Million Eggs A Year. While In Other Countries Most Laying Hens Are Still Held In Animal-unfriendly Conditions, The Standards In Switzerland Have Improved Significantly, Following A National Vote In 1991. (TSR/

UBS France Accused Of Abetting Tax Evasion

Apartment / Condominium - For Rent - Pattaya - Thailand

Bangkok Post Serviced Apartment Directory 2011-2012

Buakaw Confirms Thai Fight Participation

Businesses Accused Of Dodging Wage Hike

Change Will Only Come From The Bottom Up

Chuvit: Russian Gang Controls Phuket

City Clash Hold No Fears For United Star Rooney

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Computers, Social Media And Thai Law:...

Developing Countries Face Digital...

Dutch 'flying Car' Takes To The Skies

EU Commission Urges Euro MPs To Hold Off...

Female Suicide Bomber Kills Somali...

Gazan Killed As Palestinians Mark Land Day

Google Gives Glimpse Of Internet Glasses

House Debates KPI Report Despite...

House Panel Agrees To Adopt Cabinet's...

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Lift Sanctions On Myanmar, Says Asean

McCann Expects To Lead Thai Agencies

Myanmar Govt Claims Poll Cheating

Nervy Chelsea Sink Benfica To Set Up...

New York's Iconic Yellow Cabs Get An...

Ombudsman Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Ranger Shot, Wounded In Pattani

Read Letters You Sent Us Recently

Recipe For Success: Be Smart, Be Good...

Rewarding Myanmar Reform, US To Relax...

Ronaldo Double As Real Ease Into...

SET Down 4.93 Points At Opening

Security Beefed Up As Hat Yai Seeks To...

Songkran Celebrations All Over Thailand

Stormy Buildup To Masters Classic

Stosur Sinks Venus, Serena Up Next

Thais Bring Their Personal Electronic...

Thaworn Stays Ahead In Singapore

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With Three-primary Win, Romney Turns On...

Youssou Ndour Appointed Senegal's...

Explosion Rocks CPC Plant In Kaohsiung

First Local App Industry Fund Set To Create Jobs

Greenback Increases By NT$0.043 On Taipei Forex To Close At NT$29.562 TAIPEI, CNA

Indonesian Airline Recruiting Taiwanese Flight Attendants

Jimmy Lai To Sell Taiwan Business: Report

Possible Capital Gains Tax Exemptions Boost Taiwan Shares

Taiwan's Smartphone Maker HTC Reports 1st Quarter Profit Down 70%

Taoyuan, Shanghai Townships Agree To Promote Agricultural Cooperation

Boat Race Hopefuls Seek Inspiration From Rocky

Boris And Ken In On-air Tax Row

Boy Killed In Farm Accident Named

Cruise Boat Stuck On River Thames

Mayoral Rivals Reveal Tax Details

Met Attacked Over Racism Record

Murder Charge Over Pub Stabbing

Officers Suspended In Texts Probe

Olympic Gold Medal Stamp Unveiled

Oxfam Shop Book Sold For Nearly £1,000

PM Defends Incoming Tax Changes

Passion Anniversary Held In Town

Police Appealing Over CCTV Damage

Row Over Nurse Wearing Crucifix

Stolen Artefacts Valued At £1.8m

Support For Nurse In Crucifix Row

Teachers Face Pupil Online Abuse

Teachers Target Of Cyberbullying

Teachers Warn On Pension Strikes

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The Most Expensive Place To Post A Letter

Wealthy Romney Reveals 14% Taxes

Woman Charged With Veteran Murder

Wounded Pendleton Wins World Gold

'Reverts' Return To Their Childhood...

'Wear A Hoodie To Church' Services

9/11 10 Years Later: Photos, Video And Facebook App

Ala. Proposes More Extensive...

Anti-bias Policies Drive Some...

Calif. College Delays Fees After Pepper-spray Protests

California Governor Commutes Sentence In Shaken Baby Case

California Governor Commutes...

Candidate Match Game: Who's Like You?

Chinese Teen Sells Kidney To Buy...

Colleges Use Lacrosse To Recapture...

Congress Says GSA Violated Its Gift...

Current TV Countersues Olbermann, Seeks Damages

Editorial: Banks Play Fast And Loose...

Egyptians Rally To Keep Islamist In Race

Election 2012: Presidential Poll Tracker

Ex-Calif. Teacher Accused Of '98 Sex With Teen

Ex-Calif. Teacher Accused Of '98 Sex With...

Experts Warn Of Snakes During Easter Egg Hunts

F-18 Crashes Into Virginia Beach Apartments

Fact Check: Previewing Obama Vs. Romney (and Ryan)

Fact Check: Previewing Obama Vs....

For 2nd Year, House Members Forced...

Former Mubarak Strongman To Join Egypt Presidential Race

Former Mubarak Strongman To Join...

France: Islamists Seeking To Avenge...

Gallery: April's Top Editorial Cartoons,A12016

Gannett Satellite Information Network, Inc.

Japan Sets New Safety Standards For...

Jesus-like Shadow Draws Thousands Of...

Leftover Snow Days Mean Some...

Lugar Put On Defensive On Energy Issues

Marine Faces Discharge For Tea Party Facebook Page

Maryland Court Poised To Hear...

McGovern: How To Fight Addiction At...

Mega Millions Winner Claims Money

Mont. Judge To Be Investigated Over...

Montana Race Could Tip Balance Of...

N.J. Middle School: No Hugging, Please

Navy Jet Crashes Into Va. Building, Pilots Eject

Navy Jet Crashes Into Virginia Beach...

New TSA Rules For Elderly Fliers

Obama Easter Egg Roll Is Biggest Yet

Obama Warns Of 'ups And Downs' In Job Market

Opinion Quiz: How Much Do You Remember?

Opposing View: Don't Blame The Banks

Other Presidents Took On High Court...

Painter Thomas Kinkade Dies At 54

Pint-sized Former Mr. Universe Turns...

Police: Ex-teacher Arrested For Sex Abuse Of Minor

Police: Ex-teacher Arrested For Sex Abuse...

Police: Ex-teacher Arrested For Sex...

Pope Donates Huge Chocolate Easter Egg

Popular Passover Handbook Goes To...

Praying For God To Hurt Someone Is Not Illegal, Judge Rules

Praying For God To Hurt Someone Is...

Princeton Review: Top 150 Best Value College

Rare Coca-Cola Collectibles Up For Auction

Raw Video: Navy Jet Crashes Into Va. Apartment

Resentment Lingers In Pa. After...

Romney Questions Obama's Candor In...

Russia To Seek Clinton's Help To Send Home Ex-Soviet Officer

Russia To Seek Clinton's Help To...

Santorum's Delegate Hopes Hit Snag In N.D.

Syrian Refugees Flee Violence, Talk...

The Longest War: A Decade In Afghanistan

Tighter Security For SAT, ACT In...

Toxic U.S.: Cleaning Up A Cold War Mess

Authority To Report On Illegal Logging Claims

Budget Airlines Must Try To Be On Time

Campaign To Mark World Health Day

Chamber Music, Ballet To Entertain

Chinese Farm Machinery Dominates

City To Host Garment Industry Expo

City Tourism Festival To Counter Economic Crisis

Deputy PM Receives French Business Delegation

Eight Teams Set For Championships

Events Celebrate Ties With India

Experts Urge Support For Farmers

Firms Urged To Protect Intellectual Property

Foreign Workforce Issues Tackled

Four Per Cent Of Pork Has Banned Additives

Ha Long Bay Monkeys Find A Haven Of Peace

Heavy Rains Wreak Havoc On Garlic Kingdom

Information, Advice Neccessary To Protect Farmers From Risks

Insurance Fund To Meet Needs Of Growing Number Of Jobless

International Airport Construction To Begin

Medicines, Milk Products Added To Price Stabilisation Programme

Minister Tackles Public Concerns

Ministry Says Tranh River Hydropower Plant Is Faulty

Park Receives Int'l Recognition

Petroleum Services Hit Record High

President Appoints New Prosecuting Staff

Real Estate Slump Hits Construction Industry

River Banks Collapse In Phu Tho

Scientists Recommend More Trials Of Genetically Modified Feed Corn

State Administrative Organisations Strive To Attain Quality Standard Certificate

Tropical Storm Weakens After Reaching Central Coast

Two Die, 10 Hurt As Storm Lashes South

U19 Footballers To Join Int'l Friendly

U22 Team To Battle Chinese Taipei

Up To 85 Per Cent Of Rural Residents To Get Safe Water By 2015

Viet Nam Backs Treaty On Nuclear Non-proliferation

Vietnam Airlines Plans Public Offering Next Year

Work Starts On $60m Wind Power Station

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