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Mulakunnathukavu Grama Panchayat

Mulakunnathukavu GP
Grama Panchayat
Mulakunnathukavu Railway Station
Mulakunnathukavu Railway Station
Coordinates: 10°35′48″N 76°12′34″E / 10.596534°N 76.209354°E / 10.596534; 76.209354
MULAKUNNATHUKAVU Latitude and Longitude:

10°35′48″N 76°12′34″E / 10.596534°N 76.209354°E / 10.596534; 76.209354
Country India
State Kerala
District Thrissur
Taluk Thrissur
Block Puzhakkal Block Panchayat
Lok Sabha Constituency Alathur ( Constituency #9)
നിയമസഭ (Niyamasabha) (or Vidhan Sabha or Legislative Assembly) Constituency Wadakkanchery ( Constituency #65)
 • Type Grama Panchayat
 • BodyMulakunnathukavu Grama Panchayat
 • Official Malayalam, English
Time zone UTC+5:30 ( IST)
Postal Index Number (PIN)
680581 - Mulakunnathukavu (Mulagunnathukavu) PO
Telephone code +91- 487
Vehicle registrationKL-08
Climate Tropical monsoon ( Köppen Am)

Mulakunnathukavu is part of Puzhakkal block, in Thrissur taluk, in Thrissur district. [1] It is located 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) north of Thrissur city. KILA is located here.




The word "Mulakunnathukavu" can be broken down as, Mula-kunnathu-kavu.

In Malayalam it means ...

  • mula => bamboo tree
  • kunnathu => atop a hill
  • kavu => temple

This translates to ...

  • "a temple atop a hill with bamboo trees"

There are different spellings of this panchayat, in various texts, and hence it is worth having a comprehensive list, of all the misspellings ...

Correct Spelling: Mulakunnathukavu

# Misspelling Comment
1 Mulagunnathukavu
2 Mulangunnathukavu
3 Mulamkunnathukavu
4 Mulankunnathukavu
5 Mulankunnathukav
6 M G Kavu No "g" in correct spelling
7 M.G. Kavu No "g" in correct spelling
8 MG Kavu No "g" in correct spelling


In ancient days it was then part of Vijayapuram "pravrithi" in Trichur "taluq". [2]

Mulakunnathukavu Grama Panchayat was previously known as "Killannur Grama Panchayat"

Wards in the village

The group of villages forming the wards given in the table below are together governed by Mulakunnathukavu Grama Panchayat. For the purposes of census, the area under Mulakunnathukavu Grama Panchayat comes under Killannur (CT).

Ward Number Ward Name Census Town
1 Chirakkunnu Killannur (CT)
2 Gramala Killannur (CT)
3 Udayanagar Killannur (CT)
4 Thiroor Kizhake Angadi Killannur (CT)
5 Poomala Killannur (CT)
6 Chottupara Killannur (CT)
7 Poolakkal Killannur (CT)
8 Thadaparambu Killannur (CT)
9 Thiroor Killannur (CT)
10 Kaleapady Killannur (CT)
11 Mulakunnathukavu Killannur (CT)
12 Ammankuzhy Killannur (CT)
13 Kozhikunnu Killannur (CT)
14 Akkodikavu Killannur (CT)