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Panoramic View of Huaytapallana.jpg
Highest point
Elevation5,557 m (18,232 ft)
Listing List of mountains in the Andes
Coordinates 11°54′29″S 75°03′15″W / 11.90806°S 75.05417°W / -11.90806; -75.05417
HUAYTAPALLANA Latitude and Longitude:

11°54′29″S 75°03′15″W / 11.90806°S 75.05417°W / -11.90806; -75.05417
Huaytapallana is located in Peru
Location Peru, Junín Region, Huancayo Province, Huancayo District, Pariahuanca District
Parent range Andes, Huaytapallana

Huaytapallana (possibly from in the Quechua spelling Waytapallana; wayta wild flower, a little bunch of flowers, pallay to collect, pallana an instrument to collect fruit / collectable, Waytapallana "a place where you collect wild flowers", [1] [2]) or Lasuntay is the highest peak in the Huaytapallana mountain range in the Andes of Peru. [3] Its summit reaches about 5,557 m (18,232 ft) above sea level. The mountain is situated in the Junín Region, Huancayo Province, in the districts of Huancayo and Pariahuanca. [4]


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