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View of the Arkenberge rubbish tip
Highest point
Elevation120.7 m (396 ft)
Coordinates 52°38′24″N 13°24′28″E / 52.63993°N 13.40769°E / 52.63993; 13.40769
ARKENBERGE Latitude and Longitude:

52°38′24″N 13°24′28″E / 52.63993°N 13.40769°E / 52.63993; 13.40769
Arkenberge is located in Berlin

The name Arkenberge was originally given to a natural hill ridge in the Berlin municipality of Blankenfelde in the borough of Pankow. The name of the nearby settlement of Arkenberge was derived from this chain of little hills. In 1984 a rubble heap for building waste was established east of this settlement. In January 2015, it was determined that the top of this tip had reached a height of 120.7 m above  sea level (NHN). [1] Since then it has been ranked as the highest point in the state of Berlin, superseding the Teufelsberg.


View of the settlement of Arkenberge from the tip

The original Arkenberge were a natural hillock chain of Pleistocene origin. On a 1911 survey map, its highest point is given as 70.3 metres. [2] In the course of the 20th century, it was largely dug out. In addition, in the 1950s the railway track bed of the Berlin Outer Ring was laid through the area. The highest point of the remaining hill chain is 64.8 metres above sea level; the surrounding terrain lies between 53 and 57 metres. [3] In the 1930s, the settlement of Arkenberge grew up in the local area.

In 1984, a construction waste site was established east of the settlement on a 36-hectare site. In 1998, the dumping of building waste was ended, but in 1999 more construction waste was used to profile and recultivate the landfill site. As part of that, it was planned to create a hill with two observation plateaux, optically separated by a saddle. [4]

Around 2000, plans crystallised, to make the area around the Arkenberge into a recreation area. [5] The summit will be opened to the public in 2019. [6] [7]

The glacial erratic monument on the hill

On the occasion of the new survey in 2015 a glacial erratic with an inscription recording its status as Berlin's highest point, was placed on the summit. [1]

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