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Worthington Glacier
Worthington Glacier, Right Side, Alaska
Type Valley
Location Alaska
Coordinates 61°10′13″N 145°45′48″W / 61.17028°N 145.76333°W / 61.17028; -145.76333
WORTHINGTON GLACIER Latitude and Longitude:

61°10′13″N 145°45′48″W / 61.17028°N 145.76333°W / 61.17028; -145.76333
Area5,774 acres (2,337 ha)
Worthington glacier

The Worthington Glacier is a 5,774-acre (2,337 ha) valley glacier located adjacent to Thompson Pass in the southeastern mainland section of the U.S. state of Alaska. Located on the Richardson Highway at milepost 28.7 mi (46 km) east of Valdez, it was listed as a National Natural Landmark in 1968. The Worthington Glacier State Recreation Site, a 113-acre (0.46 km2) roadside park operated by the state of Alaska, offers a view of the glacier, and it is acclaimed as one of the remaining U.S. glaciers that is accessible by paved highway. [1] Like most of Alaska’s glaciers, this glacier has been steadily retreating for the last 150 years, but not as dramatically as many others.

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