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White Island Pond
Location Plymouth and Wareham, Massachusetts
Coordinates 41°48′41″N 70°37′12″W / 41.81139°N 70.62000°W / 41.81139; -70.62000
WHITE ISLAND POND Latitude and Longitude:

41°48′41″N 70°37′12″W / 41.81139°N 70.62000°W / 41.81139; -70.62000
Basin countriesUnited States
Surface areaWestern: 122 acres (0.49 km2)
Eastern: 159 acres (0.64 km2)
Settlements White Island Shores

White Island Pond is a system of two ponds in Plymouth and Wareham, Massachusetts. The area of the western basin is 122 acres (0.49 km2), and the area of the eastern basin is 159 acres (0.64 km2). The pond is located east of Glen Charlie Pond in Wareham and, in Plymouth, south of Halfway Pond, southwest of Fawn Pond and Deer Pond, and west of Ezekiel Pond. White Island Shores lies along this pond.

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