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Virginia's 2007 state elections were held on November 6, 2007. Voters elected all 100 members of the Virginia House of Delegates to two-year terms ending in 2009, and all 40 members of the Virginia Senate to four-year terms ending in 2011. There were also elections for local offices (such as Board of Supervisors and Clerk of the Circuit Court) in most counties. Occurring simultaneously were local elections in some counties.

In general, the Democrats emphasized transportation and the grid lock within the Republican-controlled Virginia General Assembly. The Democrats ran a statewide coordinated "21/51" campaign seeking to regain control of both the House and the Senate. The Republicans emphasized the need to take local actions against illegal immigration.

State Senate

Previous to the election, Virginia's Senate consisted of 23 Republicans and 17 Democrats. Democrats defeated three incumbent Senators and won an open Republican seat to take control of the Senate by a 21 to 19 majority.

Election Results

Party abbreviations: D - Democratic, R - Republican, I - Independent, IG - Independent Green, L - Libertarian

Note: Only Senate districts that were contested by more than one candidate are included here.

District Incumbent Party Elected Status 2007 Result
1st Marty Williams Republican 1995 Defeated in Primary John Miller (D) 51.1%
Tricia Stall (R) 48.6%
6th Nick Rerras Republican 1999 Defeated Ralph Northam (D) 54.3%
Nick Rerras (R) 45.5%
9th Benjamin Lambert Democratic 1985 Defeated in Primary A. Donald McEachin (D) 80.9%
Silver Persinger (I) 18.3%
11th Stephen Martin Republican 1994 Reelected Stephen Martin (R) 62.4%
Alex McMurtrie, Jr. (D) 18.4%
Roger Habeck (I) 14.7%
Hank Cook (I) 4.3%
13th Fred Quayle Republican 1991 Reelected Fred Quayle (R) 58.6%
Steve Heretick (D) 41.1%
14th Harry Blevins Republican 2001 Reelected Harry Blevins (R) 70.8%
Donald Tabor Jr. (L) 28.8%
15th Frank Ruff Republican 1999 Reelected Frank Ruff (R) 59.0%
Bob Wilkerson (D) 40.9%
16th Henry Marsh III Democratic 1991 Reelected Henry Marsh III (D) 66.6%
Robert Owens (I) 33.1%
17th Edd Houck Democratic 1983 Reelected Edd Houck (D) 56.0%
Chris Yakabouski (R) 43.9%
19th Charles Hawkins Republican 1991 Retired Robert Hurt (R) 75.7%
Sherman Witcher (I) 24.2%
20th Roscoe Reynolds Democratic 1996 Reelected Roscoe Reynolds (D) 63.0%
Jeff Evans (R) 36.9%
22nd J. Brandon Bell Republican 1991 Defeated in Primary Ralph K. Smith (R) 50.8%
Michael Breiner (D) 49.0%
24th Emmett Hanger Republican 1995 Reelected Emmett Hanger (R) 65.4%
David Cox (D) 26.7%
Arin Sime (L) 7.8%
26th Mark Obenshain Republican 2003 Reelected Mark Obenshain (R) 70.4%
Maxine Hope Roles (D) 29.5%
27th Russ Potts Republican 1991 Retired Jill Holtzman Vogel (R) 48.4%
Karen Schultz (D) 47.2%
Donald Marro (I) 4.2%
28th John Chichester Republican 1977 Retired Richard Stuart (R) 50.6%
Albert Pollard (D) 49.2%
29th Chuck Colgan Democratic 1975 Reelected Chuck Colgan (D) 54.1%
Robert FitzSimmonds (R) 45.8%
31st Mary Margaret Whipple Democratic 1995 Reelected Mary Margaret Whipple (D) 82.6%
Samuel Burley (IG) 16.5%
33rd Mark Herring Democratic 2006 Reelected Mark Herring (D) 56.9%
Patricia Phillips (R) 43.0%
34th Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis Republican 2003 Defeated Chap Petersen (D) 55.3%
Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis (R) 44.4%
35th Dick Saslaw Democratic 1980 Reelected Dick Saslaw (D) 77.9%
Mario Palmiotto (IG) 21.0%
37th Ken Cuccinelli Republican 2001 Reelected Ken Cuccinelli (R) 50.0%
Janet Oleszek (D) 49.8%
39th Jay O'Brien Republican 2002 Defeated George Barker (D) 50.9%
Jay O'Brien (R) 49.0%

House of Delegates

Previous to the election, Republicans controlled the House of Delegates with 57 seats, compared to the Democrats' 40 seats, and three seats held by Independents. Democrats won four seats from the Republicans, defeating one incumbent and taking three open seats, while one Republican defeated an incumbent Independent, making the post-election composition of the House 54 Republicans, 44 Democrats, and 2 Independents.

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