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Virginia Mennonite Missions
Affiliation Virginia Mennonite Conference
Location Harrisonburg, VA, USA

Virginia Mennonite Missions is a mission agency owned by and affiliated with Virginia Mennonite Conference and headquartered in Harrisonburg, Virginia. VMM works in select fields around the world and in the United States.


It was founded in 1919 as Virginia Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities, a board responsible to the Conference, which primarily oversaw church planting efforts in western Virginia and eastern West Virginia. A number of congregations in that region are still members of Virginia Mennonite Conference and support the work of Virginia Mennonite Missions. The agency name was later shortened to Virginia Mennonite Board of Missions, which was used until 2007, when it changed to Virginia Mennonite Missions.

Mission programs and locations

VMM sends both long-term and short-term mission workers; long-term is defined as two or more years, although in some fields, workers serve one-year terms that can be extended. There are a handful of international and US-based service areas for long-term workers. VMM has a growing presence in the Caribbean region, including ( Belize, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago), and in the Mediterranean region ( Italy, Kosovo, and Albania), and in several US states working primarily with church planting.

Virginia Mennonite Missions also has two short-term mission programs: Partners in Mission, from a week to a month of service, and tranSend, a one-year program for individuals and couples exploring a future long-term ministry.


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