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US Navy 090713-N-2798I-005 An E-2C Hawkeye assigned to the Greyhawks of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (VAW) 120 flies over Jacksonville, Fla.jpg
EnterpriseyBot looking for more stuff to do
Operator Enterprisey
Approved? Yes
Automatic or manual?Automatic/Manual
Programming language(s) Python; Rust; AWB
Exclusion compliant?Yes
Source code published?Yes; here


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Bot Task Status Description Activity
Task 1  Approved. Subst:'ing the Teahouse invite templates ({{ Wikipedia:Teahouse/Invitation}} and {{ Wikipedia:Teahouse/AfC Invitation}}). Explanation at User:EnterpriseyBot/Explanation.     -Inactive
Task 2  Approved. Notifying an editor if an article they had created/expanded was nominated for DYK by someone else.     -Active
Task 3  Approved. Fixes an error with the duplication of {{ Wikipedia:Teahouse/AfC Invitation}} on user talk pages.     -Inactive
Task 4  Approved. Removes inapplicable AfC maintenance categories from user talk pages.     -Inactive
Task 5  Approved. Updates {{ Vandalism information}}.     -Active
Task 6  Approved. Archives WP:GO.     -Active
Task 7  Approved. Merges talk page banners into {{ Article history}}.     -Inactive
Task 8  Approved. Adds sensible DEFAULTSORTs to articles about military battles.     -Inactive
Task 9 Request Expired. Moves inactive project participants to a new "Inactive participants" section.     -Inactive
Task 10  Approved. Comments out the class parameter in WikiProject banners on the talk pages of redirects.     -Active
Task A Not Applicable Updates User:EnterpriseyBot/BOTREQ status.     -Active
Task B Not Applicable Graphs the size of CAT:PEND for AfC.     -Active
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