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University Hospitals / Cleveland Medical Center
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center.jpg
Front view of Lerner Tower
LocationCleveland, Ohio, United States
Care systemPrivate
Hospital typeAcademic
Affiliated university Case Western Reserve University
Beds1032 [1]
Lists Hospitals in Ohio
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University Hospitals of Cleveland is a major not-for-profit medical complex in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center is an affiliate hospital of Case Western Reserve University - a relationship that was first established in 1896. [2] With 150 locations throughout northeast Ohio, the University Hospitals network encompasses hospitals, outpatient centers, and primary care physicians.

University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center is home to world-class clinical and research centers, including cancer, [3] pediatrics, women's health, orthopedics, spine, radiology, radiation oncology, neurosurgery neuroscience, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, organ transplantation, and human genetics. The UH Cleveland Medical Center comprises the Alfred and Norma Lerner Tower, Samuel Mather Pavilion, Lakeside Hospital, Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, MacDonald Women’s Hospital, Seidman Cancer Center, and Hanna Pavilion.


  • Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, is ranked #2 nationally for Neonatal Care by the U.S. News & World Report. [4]
  • Department of Family Medicine is ranked #9 nationally by U.S. News & World Report. [5]
  • Cleveland Medical Center and Case School of Medicine together form the largest biomedical research center in Ohio. [6]
  • In biomedical research, Case Medical Center ranks among top 15 centers in the United States with approximately $75 million in annual extramural research funding and a further $10 million in various clinical trials.
  • University Hospitals of Cleveland also includes MacDonald Women's Hospital, Ohio's only hospital for women; and Seidman Cancer Center (formerly known as Ireland Cancer Center),

Vision 2010

Facilities under construction in 2010

Vision 2010 was the largest construction and upgrade project in the history of University Hospitals. New construction included a new 200-bed cancer hospital (UH Seidman cancer center), upgraded emergency room facilities at CMC, a new neonatal intensive care unit ( NICU) at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, and new construction at other hospital sites. The capital expenditure for this project, according to hospital press releases, was to be approximately US$1 billion. [7] Construction was originally due to be completed by the year 2010, but was not scheduled completed until 2011. [8]

Harrington Project

The Harrington Project for Discovery & Development, launched in 2012, is a $300 million initiative at the University Hospitals whose purpose is to speed the delivery of new drugs and enhance the medical reputations of Cleveland and the Hospitals. [9] It was established through a $50 million gift from the Harrington family and an additional $100 million in support from University Hospitals. [10] The project has three components, the Harrington Discovery Institute (HDI), the Innovation Support Center (ISC), and Biomotiv.

In June 2014, the Harrington Discovery Institute received a $25 million grant from the State of Ohio through the Third Frontier economic development program to further its mission. [11]

Notable alumni and faculty

  • George Washington Crile (1910-1924 Chair of Surgery) [12] - Performed first blood transfusion. Established Lakeside Hospital of University Hospitals Case Medical Center, [12] and later co-founded Cleveland Clinic.
  • Claude Beck (Surgery residency alum; 1924 -1971 Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery - first such position in US) [13] -
    • Performed first surgical treatment of coronary artery disease (1935). [13]
    • Performed first defibrillation using machine he built with James Rand (1947) [14]
    • Developed concept of Beck's Triad.
    • Started the first CPR teaching course for medical professionals (1950).
  • Peter C. Agre (1978 Internal Medicine alumnus) - co-recipient 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discoveries that have clarified how salts and water are transported out of and into the cells of the body, leading to a better understanding of many diseases of the kidneys, heart, muscles and nervous system. [15]
  • Alfredo Palacio (Internal Medicine alumnus) - President of Ecuador (2005–2007).

In popular culture


University Hospitals of Cleveland faces multiple lawsuits following an incident at its Fertility Clinic that compromised hundreds of eggs and embryos stored in liquid nitrogen. An unexpected temperature fluctuation with the tissue storage bank occurred at which point the system didn't know the viability of the eggs and embryos. [18]

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