United States presidential election in Maryland, 1984 Article

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United States presidential election in Maryland, 1984

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  President Reagan 1985 closeup.jpg Vice President Mondale 1977 closeup.jpg
Nominee Ronald Reagan Walter Mondale
Party Republican Democratic
Home state California Minnesota
Running mate George H. W. Bush Geraldine Ferraro
Electoral vote 10 0
Popular vote 879,918 787,935
Percentage 52.51% 47.02%

County Results

President before election

Ronald Reagan

Elected President

Ronald Reagan

The 1984 United States presidential election in Maryland took place on November 6, 1984, as part of the 1984 United States presidential election. Voters chose ten representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.

Maryland was won by incumbent President Ronald Reagan ( R- California), with 52.51% of the popular vote, over former Vice President Walter Mondale ( D- Minnesota) with 47.02% of the popular vote, a 5.49% margin. [1]

The vast majority of counties voted for Reagan, winning not just the traditionally Republican western region and Eastern Shore, but also the traditionally Democratic central portion of the state. The race, however, was extremely close due to Mondale's strong performance in the city of Baltimore and Prince George's County, including Reagan's weak performance in Montgomery County, which he won by 888 votes, which also make this the last time as of the 2016 election that a Republican won this county.

Reagan ultimately won the national vote, defeating Mondale. [2]


United States presidential election in Maryland, 1984 [1]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Republican Ronald Reagan 879,918 52.51% 10
Democratic Walter Mondale 787,935 47.02% 0
Libertarian David Bergland 5,721 0.34% 0
Communist Gus Hall 898 0.05% 0
Workers World Larry Holmes 745 0.04% 0
New Alliance Dennis L. Serrette 656 0.04% 0
Totals 1,675,873 100.0% 10


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