United States presidential election in Maryland, 1976 Article

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United States presidential election in Maryland, 1976

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All 10 Maryland electoral votes to the Electoral College
  JimmyCarterPortrait2.jpg Gerald Ford - NARA - 530680.tif
Nominee Jimmy Carter Gerald Ford
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Georgia Michigan
Running mate Walter Mondale Bob Dole
Electoral vote 10 0
Popular vote 759,612 672,661
Percentage 53.04% 46.96%

The United States presidential election in Maryland, 1976 was held on November 2, 1976. Incumbent Republican President Gerald Ford of Michigan and his running mate Senator Bob Dole of Kansas lost to the Democratic challengers, Governor Jimmy Carter of Georgia and Senator Walter Mondale of Minnesota. Carter and Mondale won the state with 53.04 percent of the vote compared to Ford and Dole’s 46.96 percent – a comfortable margin of 6.08 percent.

After Nixon had won every county-equivalent in the state except for Baltimore City in 1972, Carter won eight of twenty-three counties, most critically the populous Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties in the Washington metropolitan area and the Lower Southern counties of St. Mary’s, Charles and Calvert. Ford did not win more than 61.2 percent ( Talbot County) of the vote in a two-way contest in any county. [1] This is the last time St. Mary’s, Calvert, Cecil and Allegany Counties have given Democrat majorities or pluralities in a presidential election. [2]


United States presidential election in Maryland, 1976 [3]
Party Candidate Running mate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Democratic Jimmy Carter Walter Mondale 759,612 53.04% 10
Republican Gerald Ford Bob Dole 672,661 46.96% 0


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