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United States Basketball League (USBL)
Sport Basketball
Motto"The League of Opportunity"
Continent FIBA Americas ( Americas)
Kansas Cagerz (1st title)
Most titles Atlantic City Seagulls
Dodge City Legend
Miami Tropics (3 titles each)
Official website www.USBL.com (Archived)

The United States Basketball League ( OTC Pink No Information: USBL), often abbreviated to the USBL, was a professional men's spring basketball league. The league was formed in 1985.


The USBL started in 1985 as one of the first basketball leagues to play a late-spring to early-summer schedule. The league quickly became known as a development league for players, with many players moving up to the NBA and many more playing in Europe after stints here. In 1996, the league made a stock offering, a rarity among sports leagues. However, in later years, the league declined as rival leagues appeared and USBL had a tougher time replacing teams that folded. In the last two seasons, the league was mainly a midwestern league, with teams mainly in Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

After speculation that the USBL might fold after the 2007 season, [1] the league announced that it would sit out the 2008 season and consider its options for the future. [2] In January 2010, the league expressed hopes to resume play in April 2010. [3] However, no further news has surfaced from the league.

The final champions are the Kansas Cagerz, who won the title game on July 1, 2007.

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