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U.S. Route 75
US 75 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by KDOT
Major junctions
South end US-75 near Caney
North end US 75 near Sabetha
Counties Montgomery, Wilson, Woodson, Coffey, Osage, Shawnee, Jackson, Brown, Nemaha
Highway system
  • Kansas State Highway System

U.S. Route 75 (US-75) is a north–south U.S. Highway stretching from Kittson County, Minnesota to Dallas, Texas. In Kansas, the highway runs from south to north through the eastern part of the state. It enters the state from Oklahoma near Caney and runs north, serving the state capitol of Topeka. The highway continues north of Topeka, passing by the Potawatomi and Kickapoo Indian reservation, and passes over the Nebraska state line near Sabetha.

Route description

US-75 enters Kansas from Oklahoma near Caney and almost immediately starts an overlap with US-166. The highways split about 4 miles north of the state line. South of Neodesha, US-75 overlaps with US-400 as a 2 lane freeway.

At Interstate 35 (I-35), US-75 becomes a two-lane expressway again, passing east of Melvern Lake. About 15 miles south of Topeka, the highway becomes a four lane freeway. US-75 crosses the Kansas Turnpike without any direct access and drivers must use I-470 to access the turnpike. US 75 runs around the main part of the city along I-470 and I-70.

Leaving Topeka, US-75 becomes its own route again. Between Hoyt and Holton, the highway runs along the eastern border of the Potawatomi Indian Reservation. A few miles to the north, the highway runs west of the Kickapoo Reservation. North of Sabetha, US-75 exits the state into Nebraska.

Junction list

Montgomery Caney0.000.00 US-75 southContinuation into Oklahoma
Caney US-166 east – Coffeyville, JoplinSouth end of US 166 overlap
US-166 west – SedanNorth end of US 166 overlap
US-160 west – Elk CitySouth end of US 160 overlap
Independence US-160 east – OswegoNorth end of US 160 overlap
US-400 east – ParsonsSouth end of US 400 overlap; south end of expressway
Wilson Neodesha US-400 west – FredoniaNorth end of US 400 overlap; north end of expressway
US-75 Bus. north – Altoona
K-47 – Fredonia, Girard

US-75 Bus. south – Altoona
K-39 east – ChanuteSouth end of K-39 overlap
K-39 west – BenedictNorth end of K-39 overlap
Woodson Yates Center US-54 – Eureka, Iola
Coffey K-58 east – ColonySouth end of K-58 overlap
K-58 west – MadisonNorth end of K-58 overlap
Key West Township I-35 / US-50 – Emporia, Wichita, Kansas CityI-35 exit 155. South end of Super 2
OsageTownship Road
K-276 west – Olivet
K-31 south – MelvernNorth end of Super-2. South end of concurrency with K-31
K-278 west – Eisenhower State Park
Lyndon K-68 east – OttawaWestern terminus of K-68
K-31 north / K-268 east – Osage City, OttawaNorth end of concurrency with K-31. Western terminus of K-268
US-56 – Burlingame, Baldwin CitySouth end of freeway. US-56 also serves Scranton and Overbrook.
CarbondaleMain Street, E. 137th StreetExit signed simply as "Carbondale"
ShawneeTopeka BoulevardFormer US 75 Alt.
Gary Ormsby Drive, SW 77th Street – Topeka Regional Airport
SW 57th Street
Topeka I-470 east to I-335 ( Kansas Turnpike) – Wichita, Kansas CitySouth end of I-470 overlap; I-470 exit 5
See I-470
I-470 end / I-70 / US-40 / K-4 west – SalinaNorth end of I-470 overlap; south end of I-70/US-40/K-4 overlap; I-470 exit 1A, I-70 exit 355
See I-70
I-70 / US-40 / K-4 east – Lawrence, Kansas CityNorth end of I-70/US 40/K-4 overlap; I-70 exit 358 eastbound, 358A westbound.
North TopekaNW Lower Silver Lake Road, NW 17th Street
US-24 – Manhattan, Lawrence
NW 35th StreetNorth end of freeway
Jackson K-214 north (110th Road) – HoytClockwise terminus of K-214
K-214 south (118th Road) – HoytCounterclockwise terminus of K-214
150th RoadInterchange
Holton K-116 east / K-16 (4th Street) – Onaga, Valley Falls
K-9 – Wetmore, Netawaka
Brown K-20 east – Horton, Kickapoo Reservation
Fairview US-36 – Seneca, HiawathaInterchange
SabethaMain Street, 270th StreetInterchange
Nemaha K-246 – Sabetha
US 75 northContinuation into Nebraska
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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