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U.S. Route 166 marker

U.S. Route 166
US 166 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 66
Maintained by KDOT and MoDOT
Length164.159 mi (264.188 km)
Major junctions
West end US-81 in South Haven, KS
East end I-44 / US 400 near Joplin, MO
States Kansas, Missouri
CountiesKS: Sumner, Cowley, Chautauqua, Montgomery, Labette, Cherokee
MO: Newton
Highway system

U.S. Route 166 (US 166) is a 164-mile (264 km) west–east United States highway. This route and US-266 are the only two remaining spurs of historic U.S. Route 66 (which was decommissioned in 1985), since US-666 was renumbered to US-491 in 2003.

US-166 meets the old route of US-66, now designated US-69 Alternate, in Baxter Springs in the southeast corner of Kansas.

Route description

  mi km
KS 163.223 262.682
MO 0.936 1.506
Total 164.159 264.188


US-166's western terminus in South Haven, Kansas
US 166's eastern terminus approaching I-44 in Newton County, Missouri

US 166 is a west–east highway that meanders about 164 miles (264 km) along the Kansas–Oklahoma state line. The highway's western terminus is in South Haven, Kansas at an intersection with US-81, approximately 1-mile (1.6 km) north of the northern terminus of US-177. US 166's eastern terminus, which is also shared by US Route 400, is an intersection with I-44 just inside the Missouri state line, near the point where Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri meet, southwest of Joplin, Missouri near Loma Linda, MO.

About 4 miles (6.4 km) east from its intersection with US-81, the highway intersects with the Kansas Turnpike ( I-35) at exit 4. Continuing east about 60 miles (97 km), US-166 crosses the Arkansas River into Arkansas City, where it travels concurrent with US-77 for approximately 2 miles (3.2 km), splitting off near Parkerfield.

Traveling 50 miles (80 km) east of Arkansas City, US-166 turns northeast, arcing above Cowley County Lake Dam and Cedar Vale. US. 166 crosses the Caney River approximately 0.5 miles (0.80 km) east of Chautauqua County Road 2. It dives south of Sedan approximately 0.6 miles east of Chautauqua County Road 14. However, a business loop connects the main US-166 route with Sedan. US 166 Business junction begins 3.55 miles (5.72 km) west southwest of the Sedan Post Office and meanders as a two lane road. (A brief history; this was a part of the original route.) The highway joins with KS.-99 approximately 350 feet (106 meters) west of Chautauqua County Road 18.{There is a Buck's BBQ and Steakhouse RV Park inside the junction to the left (north side) of the highway} (*Note KS-99 comes into the intersection from northwest of Sedan from US. 160 approximately 1.2 miles east of the Moline Post Office in Moline Kansas.) US 166 Business/KS-99 proceeds approximately 1.1 miles east into downtown Sedan. (The Post Office is located on the southwest corner of Main and Montgomery, the Hollows Park is located on the north side of the highway (Main Street) (the access street to the park would be on Sherman Street). US. 166 Business/KS-99 makes a right turn on School Street and proceed south 3..0 mi. (4.83 km) and terminates at the US. 166/KS-99 junction. {KS-99 proceeds south through the small town of Chautauqua approximately 4.3 miles (6.92 km) to the Oklahoma Kansas state line approximately 2.0 miles (3.22 km) of the town of Chautauqua. }

Continuing east from Sedan, about 34 miles (55 km) to Coffeyville, US-166 skims through Peru and Niotaze, US 166 crosses the Little Caney River 1.1 miles (1.77 km) to the east of Niotaze and proceeds east to the junction of US-75 {*Note US 75 connects the town of Independence Kansas the county seat of Montgomery County approximately 19 miles (30.58 km) north-northeast of the US 166-75 junction} near Havana. (Montgomery County C.R 220 Road). The two routes turn south for a 3-mile (4.8 km) concurrency. US-166 splits off just north of Caney turning east again through Tyro to Coffeyville. US-166 has a brief concurrency with US-169 beginning at the intersection of Walnut/Paterson Streets and Eleventh Street on the south side of downtown Coffeyville approximately 255 feet west of the old Santa Fe railroad overpass, (now Watco Railroad) proceeds east on Eleventh Street (US 166/169) curves to the northeast approximately 279 feet east of Davis Street and becomes Northeast Street at the Rest Full Inn on the north side of the highways and proceeds northeast past Walter Johnson Park and the Montgomery County Fairgrounds on the southeast side of the highways before they cross the Verdigris River. (*Note US 169 proceeds north to Cherryvale Kansas and then to Kansas City KS/MO.) US 166 will exit from US 169 0.4 miles (0.64 km) east of the Verdigris River and proceed east toward the town of Chetopa Kansas near the Wal Mart Supercenter which is located on US 166/C.R 5300 Road. (*Note there is a stoplight at this intersection.)

Eastward about 50 miles (80 km) from Coffeyville bypassing Edna {Edna's Post Office is located 0.6 miles (0.97 km) north of US-166} and Bartlett. {Bartlett's Post Office is located 0.4 miles (0.64 km) north of US-166 on Bartlett Road.} US-166 passes through Chetopa, where US-166 and US-59 travel concurrent from 0.2 miles east of the BNSF Railroad overpass, and proceeds south on Eleventh Street (US-166/59), then turns to the east near the Chetopa ball field located on the west side of the highways. US-166/59 will run concurrent with Maple Street into downtown Chetopa. US-59 will then break off on Third Street (Jump Street Market on the southeast corner and proceed south towards the Kansas Oklahoma state line 2.6 miles (4.18 km) south of the intersection. Leaving Chetopa, US-166 crosses over the Neosho River and crosses US-69 Alternate, 6 miles (9.7 km) before Baxter Springs.

US-166 and US-400 at the terminus of K-26

Heading east from Baxter Springs, US-166 crosses the Spring River. Approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) later, US-166 intersects with US-400. US-166/US-400 then turn sharply southeast for 6 miles (9.7 km) to cross the Missouri state line approximately 1/2 miles from the Interstate 44 interchange. Interstate 44 East will go through the city of Joplin Missouri then will proceed east to St. Louis MO, Interstate 44 West will bypass the city of Miami Oklahoma on the east side of Miami, then proceed to Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Lawton, Oklahoma then into Wichita Falls Texas. (*Note Interstate 44 in Oklahoma has three toll roads, The Will Rogers Turnpike from the Oklahoma-Missouri state line to Tulsa Oklahoma. The Turner Turnpike From just west of the Route 66-I-44 split on the southwest side of Tulsa Oklahoma to just northeast of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The H.E Bailey Turnpike runs just southwest of Oklahoma City Oklahoma to US 70 north of the Oklahoma/Texas state line.)


US 166's eastern terminus is its interchange with I-44, 0.6 miles (0.97 km) from the state line [1] and about 1,000 feet (300 m) from the Oklahoma–Kansas–Missouri tripoint.


US 166 is an original 1926 route and originally ran from South Haven to Baxter Springs, Kansas. In 1945, it was extended east through Joplin, Missouri, where it paralleled US 66 to Springfield. This extension absorbed Route 38,[ vague] which had been formed in 1922 from Carthage to west of Springfield and realigned to Joplin in about 1930, with the former route becoming Route 38N and soon US 71 Alternate. In 1966, following the completion of the last section of I-44 in Missouri, the east end of US 166 was truncated back from Springfield to its current terminus. Most sections of US 166 between Joplin and Springfield were not upgraded to Interstate Highway standards and were renumbered as I-44 Business Loops, state highways (such as Route 174) or turned over to local or county jurisdiction.

Major intersections

StateCountyLocation mi [2] [1] kmDestinationsNotes
Kansas Sumner0.0000.000 US-81 – South Haven, WellingtonWestern terminus; road continues as 160th Street South
3.4815.602 I-35 / Kansas Turnpike – Wichita, Oklahoma City Parclo interchange; I-35/Kansas Tpke. exit 4
Cowley Arkansas City20.54033.056 US-77 south (Summit Street south) – Ponca City Ok.West end of US-77 concurrency
22.99337.004 US-77 north (Walnut Valley Green Way) / Kansas Avenue – Winfield Roundabout; east end of US-77 concurrency; US-77 north serves South Central Kansas Medical Center
40.88365.795 K-15 north – DexterWest end of K-15 concurrency
44.83372.152 K-15 south – Shidler Ok.East end of K-15 concurrency
US-166 Bus. east – Sedan
Western terminus of US-166 Bus.
US-166 Bus. west / K-99 – Sedan, Chautauqua
Eastern terminus of US-166 Bus.
Montgomery85.579137.726 US-75 north – Independence Trumpet interchange; west end of US-75 concurrency
88.577142.551 US-75 south (McGee Street) – CaneyEast end of US-75 concurrency
Coffeyville106.083170.724 US-169 south (Walnut Street) – Nowata Ok.West end of US-169 concurrency
108.104173.977 US-169 north – ChanuteInterchange; east end of US-169 concurrency
Labette Edna120.743194.317 K-101 north (Delaware Street) – EdnaSouthern terminus of K-101
Chetopa135.054217.348 US-59 north (Xavier Road)West end of US-59 concurrency
136.548219.753 US-59 south (3rd Street)East end of US-59 concurrency
Cherokee150.694242.518 US-69 / K-7 – Columbus, Miami Okla.
Baxter Springs156.181251.349
US-69 Alt. (Military Avenue)
Former US-66
158.017254.304 US-400 west – ParsonsWest end of US-400 concurrency
161.322259.623 K-26 north – GalenaSouthern terminus of K-26
Kansas–Missouri state line
Missouri Newton0.406–
US 400 end / I-44 – Tulsa, SpringfieldEast end of US 400 concurrency; I-44 exit 1; eastern termini of US 166 and US 400
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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