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Tustumena Glacier
Tustemena Glacier, and its outflow into Tustemena Lake
TypeMountain glacier
Location Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska, U.S.
Coordinates 59°59′47″N 150°21′34″W / 59.99639°N 150.35944°W / 59.99639; -150.35944
TUSTUMENA GLACIER Latitude and Longitude:

59°59′47″N 150°21′34″W / 59.99639°N 150.35944°W / 59.99639; -150.35944
Length20 miles (32 km)
TerminusGlacial lake
Looking across the ice-margin Arctic Lake (currently drained) at the Tustemena Glacier

The Tustumena Glacier is a glacier located on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. The Tustumena Glacier begins in the Harding Icefield and makes its way down west for about 20 miles (32 km) until its terminus roughly 5 miles (8.0 km) before Tustumena Lake. The glacier is retreating [1] due to global warming.

A small lake called Arctic Lake sits alongside Tustumena Glacier, with its outflow underneath the ice. This lake periodically fills up and then drains as the glacier moves, leaving icebergs stranded in the sand.

The Alaska Marine Highway ferry M/V Tustumena derives its name from this glacier.

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