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Turbary Retail Park.

Turbary Park is an area of West Howe, Bournemouth in Dorset. Turbary Park is south of Kinson and north of Wallisdown.


Turbary Common is the largest area of heathland in North Bournemouth. It is also a Site of Special Scientific Interest. [1] The habitats include scrub, wooded areas and both wet and dry heath. [2]


Turbary Park is served by the Turbary Retail Park. [3] Also in the area is the NHS Turbary Park Medical Centre. [4]


Turbary Park is part of the Bournemouth West constituency.


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TURBARY PARK Latitude and Longitude:

50°45.1′N 1°55.1′W / 50.7517°N 1.9183°W / 50.7517; -1.9183