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Truckee Meadows Community College
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Type Community college
PresidentDr. Karin Hilgersom Total Pay and Benefits $263,193.16
Students11,849 [1]
Location, ,
ColorsBlack & Green         
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Truckee Meadows Community College is a two-year, public community college and technical college located in the Truckee Meadows of Reno, Nevada. The Community College is primarily a commuter campus [2] with 5 locations. The main (Dandini) campus is located just north of Interstate 80 and U.S. Route 395 in Reno. TMCC offers students both certificate and associate degrees. In 2015, TMCC was approved to offer two Bachelor of Applied Science degrees, in Logistics Operations Management, as well as Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

From 1971 to 1979, the college was a branch of Western Nevada Community College. Its current name is based on its primary service area, Truckee Meadows in Reno and Sparks. The college has more than 500 faculty members and is accredited by the Northwest Commission on College and Universities. The college serves more than 13,000 students each semester in state-supported classes. The average teacher salary at TMCC is $61,255. The Student Teacher Ratio at TMCC is calculated based on the number of full-time teachers reported by the school is 36:1. [3] TMCC is Regionally Accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. [4]


The college offers a university-transfer program and a wide variety of occupational and applied technical programs, including a large number of developmental courses, particularly in mathematics and English to prepare students to take university transfer courses. Starting in the 1980s, the student demand for courses and programs created a need for more facilities. In addition to expanding the Dandini Campus, the college established the William N. Pennington Applied Technology Center (March 1999), Meadowood Center (February 2003), the Nell J. Redfield Foundation Performing Arts Center (September 2003) and the William N. Pennington Health Science Center, located at the Redfield Campus (September 2005).

The college offers degrees and certificates in 50 programs of study. Popular programs include: Health Professions and Related Programs, Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities, and Science Technologies/Technicians. [5] The college also offers a Bachelor's of Applied Science degree in Emergency Management and Homeland Security and Logistical Operations Management. [6]

TMCC offers Degrees in the employment sectors of Healthcare, Nursing, Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Radiologic Tech, Food Processing, Culinary Arts, Veterinary Technician, Aerospace and Defense in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Information Technology, advanced networking, computer literacy, A+, Microsoft, Unix, Cisco, Web development and Energy, Manufacturing & Logistics, Applied Technology, geothermal and energy auditing and offers one of the few Geothermal Plant Operator programs in the world. [7] TMCC has offered a construction technologies associate of applied science degree with an emphasis on renewable energy, [8] and industry-specific job training for local businesses, but adapted for lifelong learning. [9]

Employment and career and job placement opportunities

TMCC prides itself in offering current students and graduates with opportunities to work with Northern Nevada employers. A primary example is the training program for jobs at Panasonic, in the Gigafactory, as part of the Panasonic Preferred Pathway (P3) program. [10] In 2017, TMCC opened the Frank N. Bender Center for Logistics Management [11] to collaborate with business and industry leaders in northern Nevada.

TMCC has a successful track record in matching students with various economic employment opportunities. TMCC students can log into CareerLink to find on-campus and off-campus employment. There are many opportunities as the campus points out, "job listings are searchable to make it easier and faster to find the job you want!" [12]

College education ranking

TMCC's Remediation Trends and Placement into Remedial‐level Mathematics and/or English Course within one year for recent Nevada High School Graduates and All First‐time Freshmen for the 2013 school year are as follows 1,027 students enrolled, 793 or (77.2%) Placed Below College‐Level, For the academic year of 2014, 964 students enrolled, 652 or (67%) Placed Below College‐Level. [13]

The College's Workforce Development & Community Education [14] department offers short non-credit courses in a variety of subject areas, including art and music, languages, food, physical education, technology, and fashion, to name a few. The college encourages non-faculty community members to propose interesting non-credit courses; potential instructors are "interviewed and selected for their confidence in their subject and their willingness to share their expertise."


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