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Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi
Industry Automotive
Products Automobiles
Parent Toyota
Subsidiaries Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi, Inc. (TMMMS) is a Toyota manufacturing facility in Blue Springs, Mississippi. [1] It is the eighth North American vehicle assembly plant for Toyota ( Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc., which is not wholly owned by Toyota, is not included in this total) and is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America (TEMA), which is wholly owned by Toyota.

The plant was originally going to produce the Toyota Highlander beginning in 2010, but production was moved instead to Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana. TMMMS was subsequently scheduled to produce the Toyota Prius, but Toyota's decision to delay the opening of the plant put those plans on hold as well. On June 17, 2010, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi announced that it would open the Blue Springs facility in the fall of 2011, producing the Toyota Corolla instead of the Prius. The Toyota Corolla was previously manufactured at the NUMMI facility in California until the facility was closed down in early 2010. It was the closing of NUMMI that made the opening of the Mississippi plant economically feasible. [2]

The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami did not affect the construction schedule. [3] The plant opened in November 2011 and is now producing the Toyota Corolla.

Products made

Toyota Corolla (2011–Present)

Annual Corolla Production at TMMMS, 2011–present
YearProduction ±%
2011 1,967—    
2012 129,602+6488.8%
2013 158,647+22.4%
2014 189,314+19.3%
2015 190,514+0.6%
2016 182,025−4.5%
2017 163,832−10.0%
2018 136,108−16.9%
0.5M Feb. 12, 2015; 1M Dec. 12, 2017
Source: "Toyota USA Newsroom".


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