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Todd Richards (born December 28, 1969) is a snowboarder from Paxton, Massachusetts. Richards is regarded as an influential free style snowboarder, who helped introduce "skate style" at a time when the sport was mainly influenced by alpine racing events.

Richards won two US Open halfpipe titles. He was a member of the 1998 US Olympic Halfpipe Team. He published an autobiography, P3: Parks, Pipes, and Powder in 2003. He produces a series of webisodes entitled Todcasts for Quiksilver [1] and has been NBC's official color announcer of snowboarding, having done color commentary for the Torino, Vancouver, and Sochi Olympic Games. Richards was invited to host a Signature Session™ at High Cascade Snowboard Camp in the summer of 2009. [2]

He is the subject of a documentary entitled "Me, Myself and I" released in 2009. [3] He also plays a former extreme skier, who became a doctor after a skiing accident left him paralyzed, named "Barry" in the 2001 movie Out Cold. [4]


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