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Titicus River
Titicus River.JPG
The Titicus River in Ridgefield, CT
Country United States
State New York, Connecticut
Cities Ridgefield, North Salem
Physical characteristics
 - location Ridgefield, Fairfield County, Connecticut
Mouth Muscoot Reservoir
 - location
North Salem, Westchester County, New York
 - coordinates
41°19′38″N 73°39′34″W / 41.3273°N 73.6594°W / 41.3273; -73.6594
TITICUS RIVER Latitude and Longitude:

41°19′38″N 73°39′34″W / 41.3273°N 73.6594°W / 41.3273; -73.6594
Basin size23.8 sq mi (62 km2) [1]
 - average43 cu ft/s (1.2 m3/s) [2]
 - minimum1.3 cu ft/s (0.037 m3/s) [1]
 - maximum2,190 cu ft/s (62 m3/s) [1]

The Titicus River is an 8.5-mile-long (13.7 km) river in southwestern Connecticut and southeastern New York that drains into the Titicus Reservoir, part of New York City's water supply system. The drainage area is 23.8 square miles (62 km2). [1] It is one of the few rivers in Connecticut that is part of the system. The source of the river is in Ridgefield, Connecticut. About 1 mile down stream, the stream marks the southern boundary of the Kiahs Brook Reserve. Another 0.5 miles downriver, it joins with Kiahs Brook, and then runs fairly close to Route 116. [3] Once past the New York border, the Titicus River still runs close to New York 116 until emptying into the Titicus Reservoir. After the Titicus Reservoir, it runs another 0.5 miles, under I-684, and drains into the Muscoot Reservoir.

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