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Tensas River
Location of the Tensas River within the Tensas/Ouachita watershed.
Physical characteristics
Length250 mi (400 km)

The Tensas River [1] /ˈtɛnsɔː/ is a river in Louisiana in the United States. The river, known as Tensas Bayou in its upper reaches, [2] begins in East Carroll Parish in the northeast corner of the state and runs roughly southwest for 177 miles (285 km) [3] more or less in parallel with the Mississippi River. The Tensas River merges with the Ouachita River in Jonesville in Catahoula Parish to become the Black River, not to be confused with Black Lake in Natchitoches Parish in north central Louisiana.

For the twenty miles south of Interstate 20 between Delhi and Tallulah, the river winds its way through the Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge (in Madison, Franklin, and Tensas parishes), which was established in 1980 "for the preservation and development of environmental resources" about the river.

Bridge stamped with the Tensas River name

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TENSAS RIVER Latitude and Longitude:

31°37′54″N 91°48′20″W / 31.63167°N 91.80556°W / 31.63167; -91.80556