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Stuðlagil ( transliterated as Studlagil) is a ravine in Jökuldalur [ is] in the Eastern Region of Iceland. It is known for its columnar basalt rock formations and the blue-green water that runs through it. It became an unexpected tourist sensation [1] [2] after being shown in a WOW air airline brochure in 2017. [3] The rock formation is 30 meters tall. [4]

The river Jökla runs through the ravine. [4] The water level decreased by 7 to 8 meters due to the Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Plant, which opened in 2009. [4]

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STUðLAGIL Latitude and Longitude:

65°09′48″N 15°18′26″W / 65.1634°N 15.3072°W / 65.1634; -15.3072