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Stony Brook near its mouth in Wilton, NH

Stony Brook is a 10.6-mile-long (17.1 km) [1] river located in southern New Hampshire in the United States. It is a tributary of the Souhegan River, which flows to the Merrimack River and ultimately to the Gulf of Maine.

Stony Brook rises in the town of Greenfield, New Hampshire, on the northern slopes of North Pack Monadnock Mountain. It flows southeast through the town of Lyndeborough, reaching the Souhegan in the mill town of Wilton.

It is paralleled for most of its length by New Hampshire Route 31 and by the former Hillsboro Branch of the Boston and Maine Railroad.

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STONY BROOK (SOUHEGAN RIVER) Latitude and Longitude:

42°50′39″N 71°44′21″W / 42.84417°N 71.73917°W / 42.84417; -71.73917