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South Weeks
Highest point
Elevation1,184 m (3,885 ft)
Prominence105 m (344 ft)
Listing#77 New England 100 Highest
Coordinates 44°26.54′N 71°23.30′W / 44.44233°N 71.38833°W / 44.44233; -71.38833
SOUTH WEEKS Latitude and Longitude:

44°26.54′N 71°23.30′W / 44.44233°N 71.38833°W / 44.44233; -71.38833
Location Coos County, New Hampshire
Parent range Pliny Range
Topo map USGS Pliny Range

South Weeks, or Mount Weeks-South Peak, is a mountain located in Coos County, New Hampshire. The mountain is named for US Senator John W. Weeks (1860–1926) of nearby Lancaster, New Hampshire, the sponsor of the Weeks Act of 1911, under which the White Mountain National Forest was established. South Weeks is part of the Pliny Range of the White Mountains. South Weeks is flanked to the northeast by Mount Weeks, and to the southwest by Mount Waumbek.

South Weeks stands within the watershed of the upper Connecticut River, which drains into Long Island Sound in Connecticut. The southeast side of the mountain drains by various streams into Keenan Brook, thence into the Upper Ammonoosuc River, a tributary of the Connecticut. The north and west sides of the mountain drain into Garland Brook, thence into Stalbird Brook and the Israel River, another tributary of the Connecticut.

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