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Snipatuit Pond
Location Rochester, Massachusetts
Coordinates 41°46′36″N 70°51′48″W / 41.77667°N 70.86333°W / 41.77667; -70.86333
SNIPATUIT POND Latitude and Longitude:

41°46′36″N 70°51′48″W / 41.77667°N 70.86333°W / 41.77667; -70.86333
Primary inflowsCedar Swamp, Great Quittacas Pond
Primary outflows Mattapoisett River
Basin countriesUnited States
Surface area710 acres (290 ha)
Average depth5 ft (1.5 m)
Max. depth6 ft (1.8 m)
IslandsGull Island, High Bush Island, Low Bush Island

Snipatuit Pond is a shallow 710-acre (2.9 km2) warm water pond in Rochester, Massachusetts. The average depth is five feet and the maximum depth is six feet, except for one very small nine foot hole near the pump station on the west shore. The pond is the headwaters of the Mattapoisett River. The inflow comes from two sources: Cedar Swamp, which is located to the northeast, and Great Quittacas Pond, which is connected to Snipatuit Pond and located to the northwest. The water quality is impaired due to wetlands vegetation. The boat access to the pond is a dirt ramp with limited parking located off Neck Road. Shoreline access is limited to the area east of the pond bordering Neck Road. [1]


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