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Sandhills Publishing Company
Industry Technology
Founded Webster City, IA, U.S. (1978)
FoundersTom and Rhonda Peed
Area served
ProductsTrade Publications, Hosted Websites, Technology Services
Website Sandhills Publishing Company

Sandhills Publishing Company is a privately held American information processing company that produces a diverse range of products and services from well-established trade publications and websites to hosted technology services. The company primarily serves the transportation, agriculture, aircraft, heavy machinery, and technology industries. Its trade publications include TractorHouse, Machinery Trader, Machinery Trader Auction Results, Truck Paper, RentalYard, and AuctionTime, in addition to Controller, Executive Controller, and Charter Hub. Each print publication also has a companion website. Sandhills' portfolio also includes software and online services such as, BidCaller, Auction Flex, [1] HiBid, [2] Aircraft Cost Calculator, [3] FleetEvaluator, Fast Track Iron, and others.


The company was first established by Tom and Rhonda Peed as Peed Corp. in 1978 in Webster City, Iowa. In 1985, the headquarters were relocated to a 68-acre (280,000 m2) campus in the Highlands neighborhood of Lincoln, Nebraska, where they remain. In June 2000, Sandhills added a data center in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2011, the company completed another data center on its Lincoln, Nebraska campus, [4] a LEED gold-rated building that houses the company's server farm and has three living roofs. [5]

The Lincoln campus expanded in 2015 with an additional IT facility. [6] In the same year, Sandhills worked with Goss International, [7] a company that supplies presses and finishing systems, to install a new press and saddlesticher to expand its printing operations. [8] In 2017, Sandhills announced the construction of an additional 42,000-square-foot facility [9] and also opened an additional office location [10] in Sidney, Nebraska.

International subsidiaries and brands

Sandhills Publishing has two international subsidiaries, Sandhills East and Sandhills Pacific. Sandhills East has office locations in Manchester, UK; Peterborough, UK; Essex,UK; Senningerberg, Luxembourg; Madrid, Spain; Nereto, Italy; Milan, Italy; and Beaucamps Le Vieux, France. Sandhills Pacific is based out of Brisbane, Australia with an office in Sydney. Sandhills' international brands include Farm & Plant Buyers Guide, [11] Farm Machinery Locator, Truck Locator, Plant Locator, Van Locator, Commercial Vehicle Dealer, Focus People Solutions, [12] CamionSuperMarket, TrattoriSuperMarket, Cantierissimo con Carrellistica, Transporto Commerciale, A come Agricoltura, [13] CercoCamion, [14] Maquinaria OP, Todo VI, [15] Moma Agri, Moma Farm, [16] Resale Weekly, [17] tp-Business, trucks-Business, agri-Business, compact-Business</ref>, Resale Weekly, [18] Truck Buy & Sell International, [19] Transporter, [20] and [21]


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