São João Baptista (Santo Antão) Information (Geography)

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São João Baptista
Civil parish
São João Baptista is located in Cape Verde
São João Baptista
São João Baptista
Coordinates: 17°01′N 25°11′W / 17.02°N 25.18°W / 17.02; -25.18
SãO JOãO BAPTISTA (SANTO ANTãO) Latitude and Longitude:

17°01′N 25°11′W / 17.02°N 25.18°W / 17.02; -25.18
Country Cape Verde
Island Santo Antão
Municipality Porto Novo
 (2010) [1]
 • Total14,465

São João Baptista is a freguesia (civil parish) of Cape Verde. It covers the larger, southern part of the municipality of Porto Novo, on the island of Santo Antão.


The freguesia consists of the following settlements (population at the 2010 census):


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