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Rogers Island
Rogers Island (Connecticut) is located in Connecticut
Rogers Island (Connecticut)
Location Long Island Sound
Archipelago Thimble Islands
United States
State Connecticut

Rogers Island is one of the Thimble Islands off Stony Creek, a section of Branford, Connecticut. Also known as Yon Comis Island, Rogers bears a 27-room Tudor mansion, with tennis and basketball courts and a caretaker's residence on a 7.75-acre (31,400 m2) estate valued at $15.41 million. It sold in 2003 for $22.3 million to Christine Stoecklein Svenningsen, widow of party goods magnate John Svenningsen. [1] It sold again, most recently, in August 2018 for $21.5 million. [2]

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ROGERS ISLAND (CONNECTICUT) Latitude and Longitude:

41°15′32″N 72°45′46″W / 41.2588°N 72.7629°W / 41.2588; -72.7629