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Rocky Mountain Cuisine is a cuisine of Alberta in Canada, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana in the United States. Some distinguishing dishes include bison [1] and Rocky Mountain oysters, or Prairie Oysters as they are known in Canada. [2]


The roots of Rocky Mountain Cuisine go back to the history of the Rocky Mountains. The railways brought the best of Victorian Kitchens and recreated lavish menus for their lodges. Meanwhile, mountain guides from Switzerland, Austria and Germany were learning from the native people how to cook and appreciate local foods. Learning the art of curing and smoking game and fish helped people survive the long mountain winters.

Game meats fit nicely into the popular lighter culinary style of today. As naturally lean meats, they are ideally suited for cooking quickly over the high heat of a grill or wok, stir-fried or roasted and served with a light sauce, salad and vegetables.


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