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Ponkapoag Pond
Location Canton, Massachusetts
Coordinates 42°11′33″N 71°05′42″W / 42.19250°N 71.09500°W / 42.19250; -71.09500
PONKAPOAG POND Latitude and Longitude:

42°11′33″N 71°05′42″W / 42.19250°N 71.09500°W / 42.19250; -71.09500
Basin countriesUnited States
Surface area203 acres (82 ha)
Max. depth7 feet (2.1 m)
Surface elevation151 ft (46 m)

Ponkapag Pond is a 203-acre impoundment is located on the border of Canton and Randolph, Massachusetts about a half mile south of Route 128 and a half mile east of Route 138. It has a maximum depth of seven feet and an average depth of four feet. As would be expected on a pond this shallow, aquatic vegetation is pervasive and very abundant. Only a small portion of the eastern shoreline is developed; the southeastern and western shores are bordered by large expanses of marshland. There is no formal public access, but there is street-side parking and a place to launch cartop boats and canoes at the spillway on the pond's western tip. [1]

The name comes from a Native American word meaning a spring that bubbles up from red soil, sweet water, or shallow pond. [2]

Although there are some limited areas where shore fishing is possible, the heavy weeds make it difficult to cover much productive water without a boat. There are abundant bass, panfish and pickerel, though trophy fish are decidedly rare. [1]


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