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The following tables indicate the historic party affiliation of elected officials in the U.S. state of Wyoming including: * Governors, Secretaries of State, State Auditors, State Treasurers and Superintendents of Public Instruction. The tables also indicate the historical party composition in the: State Senate, State House of Representatives, State delegation to the United States Senate and State delegation to the United States House of Representatives. For years in which a United States presidential election was held, the tables indicate which party's nominees received the State's electoral votes. Prior to statehood in 1889, there were fewer elected offices, as indicated.

The parties are labeled as follows:    Democratic (D),    Independent (I),   unknown other party (O),    Populist (P),    Republican (R), and   a tie or coalition within a group of elected officials.

Wyoming Territory officials

Year Executive offices U.S. Congress
Governor Secretary of State U.S. House (non voting member)
1869 John Allen Campbell (R) [1] Edward Merwin Lee (R) [1] Stephen Friel Nuckolls (D) [1]
1870 Herman Glafcke (R) [1]
1871 William Theopilus Jones (R) [1]
1873 Jason B. Brown (D) [1] William Randolph Steele (D) [1]
1875 John Milton Thayer (R) [1] George W. French (R) [1]
1877 William Wellington Corlett (R) [1]
1878 John Wesley Hoyt (R) [1]
1879 Albertis Worth Spates (R) [1] Stephen Wheeler Downey (R) [1]
1880 Elliot S.N. Morgan (R) [1]
1881 Morton Everel Post (D) [1]
1882 William Hale (R) [1]
1885 Elliot S.N. Morgan (R) [1] Joseph M. Carey (R) [1]
Francis E. Warren (R) [1]
1886 George White Baxter (D) [1]
Elliot S.N. Morgan (R) [1]
1887 Thomas Moonlight (D) [1] Samuel D. Shannon (D) [1]
1889 Francis E. Warren (R) [1] John W. Meldrum (R) [1]


Year Executive offices State Legislature United States Congress Electoral College votes
Governor Secretary of State Auditor Treasurer Supt. of Pub. Inst. State Senate State House U.S. Senator (Class I) U.S. Senator (Class II) U.S. House
1890 Francis E. Warren (R) [2] Amos W. Barber (R) Charles W. Burdick (R) Otto Gramm (R) Stephen H. Farwell (R) 13R, 3D 26R, 7D Francis E. Warren (R) Joseph M. Carey (R) Clarence D. Clark (R)
Amos W. Barber (R) [3]
1892 Harrison/ Reid (R) Red XN
1893 John E. Osborne (D) 11R, 5D 16D, 12R, 5P [4] Henry A. Coffeen (D)
1894 vacant
1895 William A. Richards (R) Charles W. Burdick (R) William O. Owen (R) Henry G. Hay (R) Estelle Reel (R) [5] 14R, 4D 34R, 2D, 1P Clarence D. Clark (R) Francis E. Warren (R) Frank W. Mondell (R)
1896 Bryan/ Sewall (D) Red XN
1897 14R, 4D, 1 Silv. Dem. 23R, 11D, 3 Fus., 1P John E. Osborne (D)
1898 C. H. Parmelee (D) [6]
1899 DeForest Richards (R) [7] Fenimore Chatterton (R) LeRoy Grant (R) George E. Abbott (R) Thomas T. Tynan (R) 13R, 6D 35R, 3D Frank W. Mondell (R)
1900 McKinley/ Roosevelt (R) Green tickY
1901 16R, 2D, 1P 36R, 2D
1903 Fenimore Chatterton (R) [3] William C. Irvine (R) 21R, 2D 46R, 4D
1904 Roosevelt/ Fairbanks (R) Green tickY
1905 Bryant B. Brooks (R) 20R, 3D 47R, 3D
1907 William Schnitger (R) Edward Gillette (R) Archibald D. Cook (R) 21R, 2D 45R, 5D
1908 Taft/ Sherman (R) Green tickY
1909 24R, 3D 49R, 7D
1911 Joseph M. Carey (R) [8] Frank L. Houx (D) Robert B. Forsyth (R) John L. Baird (R) Rose A. Bird Maley (R) 21R, 6D 31R, 25D
1912 Wilson/ Marshall (D) Green tickY
1913 19R, 8D 29R, 28D
1915 John B. Kendrick (D) [2] Herman B. Gates (R) Edith K. O. Clark (R) 18R, 9D 42R, 15D
1916 Wilson/ Marshall (D) Green tickY
1917 Frank L. Houx (D) [3] 16R, 11D 32R, 25D John B. Kendrick (D)
1919 Robert D. Carey (R) William E. Chaplin (R) I. C. Jefferis (R) A. D. Hoskins (R) Katherine A. Morton (R) 17R, 10D 43R, 11D
1920 Harding/ Coolidge (R) Green tickY
1921 22R, 3D 53R, 1D
1923 William B. Ross (D) [7] Frank E. Lucas (R) Vincent Carter (R) John M. Snyder (R) 20R, 5D 37R, 23D Charles E. Winter (R)
1924 Frank E. Lucas (R) [3] Coolidge/ Dawes (R) Green tickY
1925 Nellie Tayloe Ross (D) 16R, 11D 39R, 23D
1927 Frank C. Emerson (R) [7] Alonzo M. Clark (R) William H. Edelman (R) 15R, 12D 45R, 17D
1928 Hoover/ Curtis (R) Green tickY
1929 Roscoe Alcorn (R) 17R, 10D 51R, 11D Patrick J. Sullivan (R) Vincent Carter (R)
1930 Robert D. Carey (R)
1931 Alonzo M. Clark (R) [9] Harry R. Weston (R) 21R, 6D 36R, 26D
1932 Roosevelt/ Garner (D) Green tickY
1933 Leslie A. Miller (D) 15R, 12D 42D, 20R
1934 Joseph C. O'Mahoney (D)
1935 Lester C. Hunt (D) William "Scotty" Jack (D) J. Kirk Baldwin (D) Jack R. Gage (D) 14D, 13R 38D, 18R Paul Ranous Greever (D)
1936 Roosevelt/ Garner (D) Green tickY
1937 16D, 11R Henry H. Schwartz (D)
1939 Nels H. Smith (R) Mart T. Christensen (R) Esther L. Anderson (R) 16R, 11D 37R, 19D Frank O. Horton (R)
1940 Roosevelt/ Wallace (D) Green tickY
1941 28R, 28D [10] John J. McIntyre (D)
1943 Lester C. Hunt (D) [2] Mart T. Christensen (R) [7] Earl Wright (R) 17R, 10D 39R, 17D Edward V. Robertson (R) Frank A. Barrett (R)
1944 William "Scotty" Jack (D) [6] Carl Robinson (D) [6] Dewey/ Bricker (R) Red XN
John J. McIntyre (D) [6]
1945 21R, 6D 35R, 20D
1947 Arthur G. Crane (R) Everett T. Copenhaver (R) Clifford Joy Rogers (R) Edna B. Stolt (R) 19R, 8D 44R, 12D
1948 Truman/ Barkley (D) Green tickY
1949 Arthur G. Crane (R) [3] 18R, 9D 28R, 28D [11] Lester C. Hunt (D)
1951 Frank A. Barrett (R) [2] Clifford Joy Rogers (R) J. R. Mitchell (R) [7] 17R, 10D 39R, 17D William H. Harrison (R)
1952 Minnie A. Mitchell (R) [12] Eisenhower/ Nixon (R) Green tickY
1953 Clifford Joy Rogers (R) [3] 21R, 6D 45R, 11D Frank A. Barrett (R)
1954 Edward D. Crippa (R)
Joseph C. O'Mahoney (D)
1955 Milward L. Simpson (R) Everett T. Copenhaver (R) Minnie A. Mitchell (R) Charles B. Morgan (R) Velma Linford (D) 19R, 8D 32R, 24D Edwin Keith Thomson (R)
1956 Eisenhower/ Nixon (R) Green tickY
1957 16R, 11D 30R, 26D
1959 John J. Hickey (D) [13] Jack R. Gage (D) Clifford Joy Rogers (R) [7] 30D, 26R Gale W. McGee (D)
1960 Nixon/ Lodge (R) Red XN
1961 Jack R. Gage (D) [3] 17R, 10D 35R, 21D John J. Hickey (D) William H. Harrison (R)
1962 Richard J. Luman (R) [14] Milward L. Simpson (R)
1963 Clifford P. Hansen (R) Thyra Thomson (R) Everett T. Copenhaver (R) Cecil M. Shaw (R) 16R, 11D 37R, 19D
1964 Johnson/ Humphrey (D) Green tickY
1965 13R, 12D 34D, 27R Teno Roncalio (D)
1967 Stanley K. Hathaway (R) Everett T. Copenhaver (R) [5] Minnie A. Mitchell (R) Harry Roberts (R) 18R, 12D 34R, 27D Clifford P. Hansen (R) William H. Harrison (R)
1968 Nixon/ Agnew (R) Green tickY
1969 45R, 16D John S. Wold (R)
1971 James B. Griffith (R) Robert G. Schrader (R) 19R, 11D 40R, 20D, 1I Teno Roncalio (D)
1972 Nixon/ Agnew (R) Green tickY
1973 Edwin J. Witzenburger (R) [6] 17R, 13D 44R, 17D, 1I
1975 Edgar J. Herschler (D) James B. Griffith (R) Edwin J. Witzenburger (R) 15R, 15D [15] 32R, 29D, 1I
1976 Ford/ Dole Red XN
1977 18R, 12D Malcolm Wallop (R)
1979 Shirley Wittler (R) Lynn Simons (D) 19R, 11D 42R, 20D Alan K. Simpson (R) Dick Cheney (R) [5]
1980 Reagan/ Bush (R) Green tickY
1981 39R, 23D
1983 Stan Smith (R) 38R, 25D, 1I
1984 Reagan/ Bush (R) Green tickY
1985 46R, 18D
1987 Mike Sullivan (D) Kathy Karpan (D) Jack Sidi (R) 44R, 20D
1988 Bush/ Quayle (R) Green tickY
1989 43R, 21D Craig L. Thomas (R)
1991 Dave Ferrari (R) Diana J. Ohman (R) 20R, 10D 42R, 22D
1992 Bush/ Quayle (R) Red XN
1993 41R, 19D
1995 Jim Geringer (R) Diana J. Ohman (R) Judy Catchpole (R) 47R, 13D Craig L. Thomas (R) [7] Barbara Cubin (R)
1996 Dole/ Kemp (R) Red XN
1997 21R, 9D 43R, 17D Mike Enzi (R)
1999 Joseph B. Meyer (R) Max Maxfield (R) Cynthia Lummis (R)
2000 Bush/ Cheney (R) Green tickY
2001 20R, 10D 46R, 14D
2003 Dave Freudenthal (D) Trent Blankenship (R) 45R, 15D
2004 Bush/ Cheney (R) Green tickY
2005 23R, 7D 46R, 14D
2007 Max Maxfield (R) Rita Meyer (R) Joseph B. Meyer (R) [7] Jim McBride (R) 43R, 17D
John Barrasso (R) [12]
2008 McCain/ Palin (R) Red XN
2009 41R, 19D Cynthia Lummis (R)
2011 Matt Mead (R) Cynthia Cloud (R) Cindy Hill (R) 26R, 4D 50R, 10D
2012 Romney/ Ryan (R) Red XN
2013 Mark Gordon (R) 52R, 8D
2015 Ed Murray (R) [5] Jillian Balow (R) 51R, 9D
2016 Trump/ Pence (R) Green tickY
2017 27R, 3D Liz Cheney (R)
2018 Edward Buchanan (R) [6] [16]
2019 Mark Gordon (R) Kristi Racines (R) Curt Meier (R) 50R, 9D, 1I
Year Governor Secretary of State Auditor Treasurer Supt. of Pub. Inst. State Senate State House U.S. Senator (Class I) U.S. Senator (Class II) U.S. House Electoral College votes
Executive offices State Legislature United States Congress


  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y Of Wyoming Territory.
  2. ^ a b c d Resigned to take an elected seat in the United States Senate.
  3. ^ a b c d e f g As state secretary of state, acted as governor.
  4. ^ A coalition of Democrats and Populists elected a Populist, L.C. Tidball, as Speaker, and organized the chamber.
  5. ^ a b c d Resigned.
  6. ^ a b c d e f Appointed to fill vacancy.
  7. ^ a b c d e f g h Died in office.
  8. ^ But helped to organize the Progressive Party in 1912.
  9. ^ As state secretary of state, acted as governor until replacement elected.
  10. ^ Elected a Democrat, Carl Robinson, as Speaker.
  11. ^ Elected a Republican, Herman D. Mayland, as Speaker.
  12. ^ a b Initially appointed to fill vacancy; later elected in his or her own right.
  13. ^ Resigned to take an appointed seat in the United States Senate.
  14. ^ As deputy state treasurer, assumed the duties of treasurer.
  15. ^ With a coin flip, the Democrats received the Senate Presidency under J.W. Myers, and control of committees alternated between each party also with a coin flip for the first committee. p. 24
  16. ^ Karen Wheeler (R) served as Acting Secretary of State from February 9-March 1, 2018 between Murray's resignation and Buchanan's appointment.

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