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Pocksha Pond
Pocksha Pond.jpg
Map of Pocksha Pond
Location Lakeville and Middleboro, Massachusetts
Coordinates 41°49′40″N 70°53′40″W / 41.82778°N 70.89444°W / 41.82778; -70.89444
POCKSHA POND Latitude and Longitude:

41°49′40″N 70°53′40″W / 41.82778°N 70.89444°W / 41.82778; -70.89444
Type reservoir
Basin countriesUnited States
Surface area230 acres (93 ha)

Pocksha Pond is a lake/ reservoir/pond within the towns of Lakeville and Middleboro, in southeastern Massachusetts. It shares its waters with Great Quittacas Pond and openly connected with Assawompset Pond. [1] These lakes provides a source of drinking water to the city of New Bedford, the largest city in southeastern Massachusetts.


There have been bald eagle nests around the lake, and there have been beaver and otter sightings. In June 2011, an American black bear was seen swimming across the lake.


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