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The mayoral election of 1941 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was held on Tuesday, November 4, 1941. Incumbent Democratic Party Conn Scully won a second full term by a narrow margin. Scully had gained a reputation as a weak mayor[ citation needed] and his Republican opponent, wealthy attorney and former Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Harmar Denny (a future Congressman), hammered Scully for being a puppet of the city's increasingly powerful Democratic machine. Despite these allegations, Scully remained closely aligned with state party chairman (and future mayor) David Lawrence; while this may have cost him some votes, it gave him enough support from the Democrats' New Deal labor base to put Scully over the top. [1] Republicans contested the result in court, but a judge dismissed the suit. [2]

Pittsburgh mayoral election, 1945*
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Conn Scully 112,723 50.7
Republican Harmar Denny 109,560 49.3
Turnout 222,283
Democratic hold Swing

*These numbers, reported a day after the election, [3] were officially revised later in the month. [4] After a court found irregularities, it ordered further corrections. [5]


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