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Pilot Range
Highest point
Peak Mount Cabot
Elevation4,160 ft (1,270 m)
Coordinates 44°30.22′N 71°24.52′W / 44.50367°N 71.40867°W / 44.50367; -71.40867
PILOT RANGE (NEW HAMPSHIRE) Latitude and Longitude:

44°30.22′N 71°24.52′W / 44.50367°N 71.40867°W / 44.50367; -71.40867
Country United States
State New Hampshire
Parent range White Mountains, Appalachian Mountains

The Pilot Range is located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the United States. The Pilot Range extends southeast-northwest about 15 miles (24 km). The highest peak in the range is Mount Cabot, with an elevation of 4,160 feet (1,270 m). [1]


From northeast to southwest, the range's principal summits include:

The summits marked with an asterisk (*) are included on the Appalachian Mountain Club's peak-bagging list of " Four-thousand footers" in New Hampshire.

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