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Picketpost Mountain
Picketpost Mountain
Highest point
Elevation4,378 ft (1,334 m)   NAVD 88 [1]
Prominence1,455 ft (443 m)  [2]
Coordinates 33°15′24″N 111°09′28″W / 33.256680472°N 111.157823069°W / 33.256680472; -111.157823069
PICKETPOST MOUNTAIN Latitude and Longitude:

33°15′24″N 111°09′28″W / 33.256680472°N 111.157823069°W / 33.256680472; -111.157823069
Picketpost Mountain is located in Arizona
Picketpost Mountain
Picketpost Mountain
Location Pinal County, Arizona, U.S.

Picketpost Mountain is located just outside the town of Superior, Arizona approximately 40 miles (64 km) east of the Phoenix Metro Area. The mountain is located in the southern desert region of Tonto National Forest and is popular with hikers. The mountain is also well known for an oddly placed mailbox at the top of the mountain, which contains the log books for the Picketpost Mountain Trail.

The mountain’s unusual name stems from an early military camp established at the base of the mountain by General George Stoneman in 1870. The soldiers nicknamed the mountain “Picket Post” due to its usage as a sentinel point to guard their camp from attacks. This military camp eventually grew into the present day town of Superior.


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