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Philip Amadas
Nationality English
Occupation Explorer

Philip Amadas (1550–1618) [1] was a naval commander and explorer in Elizabethan England. [2] Little is known from his early life, but he grew up within a wealthy merchant family in southwestern England. [3] Amadas was instrumental in the early years of English North American colonialism. He served alongside Arthur Barlowe in the 1584 exploratory voyage to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Leaving on April 27, 1584, he captained the Bark Ralegh with Simon Fernandez as his master and pilot on the voyage. [1] Fernandez is best known for his controversial decision to maroon the colonists of the infamous " Lost Colony" on Roanoke Island in 1587. The voyage of 1584 determined Roanoke Island as the location for the future colonies under the leadership of Sir Walter Raleigh. For his role in the Roanoke voyages of 1584 and 1585, Amadas was nominated Admiral of Virginia by Raleigh in 1585. [3] When he returned to England to report their findings, the Queen named the country after herself, Virginia. [1]


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