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Paramount Chief Tuli Le’iato
Born 1917
  American Samoa
Died 1983 (aged 65–66)
Nationality   American Samoa
Occupation Secretary of Samoan Affairs, American Samoan Paramount Chief
Known for American Samoa Paramount Chief of Eastern Districts
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Paramount Chief Tuli Le’iato (November 17, 1917 – October 5, 1983) of Faga’itua, was a Fa'amatai leader and politician on the Islands of Tutuila, and Aunu'u in American Samoa. In addition to his Fa'a Samoa title he was sworn in on June 21, 1963, as the Secretary of Samoan Affairs under Governor H. Rex Lee. A letter written by Paramount Chief Tuli Le'ato on September 7, 1962, to President Kennedy is on permanent display in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. [1]

Immediately after Le’iato's death, the Le'iato title was passed on to his son (or nephew) Eteuati Tupua Le'iato, who is named on the List of Speakers of the American Samoa House of Representatives.

The royal title Le'iato is second only to King (Tui) of Manuʻa of American Samoa.

Tuli Le'iato is the ancestor to many prominent Samoan figures including multimedia activist and award winning filmmaker Queen Muhammad Ali, and Oregon Duck's Football Linebacker Fotu T. Leiato II. [2] [3] [4]


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