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Oldham Pond
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Oldham Pond
Location Pembroke and Hanson, Massachusetts
Coordinates 42°04′00″N 70°50′10″W / 42.06667°N 70.83611°W / 42.06667; -70.83611
OLDHAM POND (MASSACHUSETTS) Latitude and Longitude:

42°04′00″N 70°50′10″W / 42.06667°N 70.83611°W / 42.06667; -70.83611
Basin countriesUnited States
Surface area232 acres (94 ha)
IslandsMonument Island
SettlementsOldham Village, Oldham Pines

Oldham Pond [1] is a 232-acre (0.94 km2) pond in Pembroke and Hanson, Massachusetts. The pond is a tributary to Furnace Pond. There are three islands located in the middle of the pond, the largest of which is named Monument Island. On the Pembroke side of the pond, Oldham Village lies along the eastern shore, and Oldham Pines lies along the northeastern shore. Camp Pembroke, an all-girls Jewish summer camp, is located on this pond. The first camp out of Troop 1 Hanover, one of the oldest troops in Massachusetts, was held here in 1912.


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